How To Identify Bots In Your Ad Network And Protect Your Campaigns From Fake Clicks And Fraud



Jun 7, 2022
Today we decided to address the issue of bot traffic, which is increasingly becoming a concern for affiliate marketers. According to Imperva, bots make up 38% of internet traffic worldwide, with 24% of them classified as "bad bots." These malicious bots are responsible for generating fake activity on websites and perpetrating scams.


Furthermore, in 2022, data obtained from the anti-fraud platform CHEQ revealed that approximately $61 billion of advertising budgets were siphoned off by deceitful publishers through bot traffic.

Recognizing the substantial influx of bot traffic originating from advertising networks, many affiliate marketers have incorporated push notifications into their repertoire alongside traditional formats over the past few years. Nevertheless, this resource remains pertinent across various industries, provided you possess the know-how to eliminate low-quality traffic that depletes your advertising budget. Therefore, we've decided to share effective strategies for combating bots.

How to prevent fraudulent bot clicks and save budget when buying traffic from ad networks

To safeguard your budget and avoid fraudulent bot clicks when purchasing traffic from ad networks, you should employ several straightforward methods to detect and prevent such activity in your affiliate campaigns.

Here are a few fundamental techniques you
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