Guide How hard to work with Arabic copy?

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Apr 9, 2019
Arabic Copy is very difficult to handle for most non-native Affiliates.
The Arabic script has many peculiarities. One of them is that it is read from right to left (RTL)
Another one is that letters are joined together, making the words extremely long (usually longer than the entire line).
Arabic copy is very hard to understand. Where there are no spaces between some letters, and some have,
it looks like a bunch of letters that have been crumpled up into a ball. It can be very difficult to read.

So when Affiliate Non-Native tries to work with Arabic Ads, they do it the wrong way. they must at least understand how this works.
When looking at spy tools for Arabic campaigns I found too many bad examples 😱😱 just copying other language campaigns "specially langs other than English "
and results are terrible, " I think now so many asking Why Arabic campaigns don't work? "
Bad example :

This example with NO RTL adjustment and have too many conflicts between Arabic letters and English :

and its good example is


Especially when looking at push and native, "Creative text" So many
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