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Official Have you tried popunder traffic by CPA?



Jan 28, 2021

It is now available for Popup (Popunder) in Galaksion

As usual, all the great things are simple, but now they are also profitable.

How does it work on the Galaksion platform for advertisers?

All CPA campaigns firstly start with a test. When creating a campaign you will be asked to define a test budget. The testing budget is used to cover the cost of the test or simply to cover traffic costs. After the test will be finished, the money will be charged from your regular balance as the campaign is generating conversions.

We block the test budget on the balance until the end of the test (the minimum amount of the test budget is $20 for Popup/Popunder campaigns). If the test is successful, a part or all of the budget will be returned to the balance. The success is determined by the presence of conversions at a competitive price, which depends on the specified targeting settings.


- Test budget: $20.

- Test cost: $5 (if the campaign does not generate any conversions, you will be charged for impressions).

- Budget payback: $15.

After the test,
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