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Goals for 2019


Staff member
For us to reach 25,000 users by the end of the year, we need to average ~50 registrations a day.

For the first week of 2019, we averaged 57 new registrations a day.
Last week, we averaged... 57 new registrations a day.

It's looking good so far!

Our graph of daily active users is also looking pretty good :)


Onward and upward 🚀


Staff member
Average daily registered users for last week bumped back up to 56 and we crossed 9,000 users! 👍


Staff member
Our daily average user registrations dropped to 50 last week, but we're still on pace for 25,000 members. In fact, we should cross 10,000 users today! :)


Staff member
Average daily registrations back up last week to 56. We crossed 10k members last week too :)


Staff member
Daily active registrations dropped to 50 2 weeks ago and then 48 last week. I believe that decrease can mainly be contributed to a lack of updates on my blog.

LukePeerFly.com is a big funnel for affLIFT and over the past 30 days, traffic and conversions (registrations) are down about 35% from LukePeerFly.com to affLIFT.

This is a pretty easy fix, but I'll have to prioritize a good blog post on my blog :)

I am going to do an evaluation of how well I am doing at completing the weekly/monthly tasks I setup in my original post to help us hit our goal. I believe I'm doing everything, but I think it's important to take a few minutes to evaluate 👍


Staff member
It's been awhile since I've updated this thread with our stats. We're still averaging over 50 new registered users a day, which is great. We're still on pace to reach 25,000 users by the end of the year.


I will be doing a big promotion over the next week or two that should help drive up membership as well :D 🚀


Staff member
It has been a long time since I've revisited these goals, but today seems like a good day to do it :)

- Share what I know/experience
- Be as helpful as possible
- Answer all messages/emails
I believe I am doing pretty good at this part. Always trying to improve though.

- Create/move public content to drive new organic membership (2nd biggest source of paid membership this year)
- Create/optimize ads (primarily FB/Google)
- Send out 2-3 mass messages
- Create 1 video lesson/guide
- Work with Partners to drive more business
- Add 1 new Article (coming 2019)
- Schedule 3-5 pieces of social media content (FB/Twitter)
- Pay members for Referral Program earnings
✅ Organic traffic is up 335.91% this year compared to the previous time period. Moving content Public and creating more Public content (Link Directory and Articles) has helped drive a TON of new organic traffic. High quality traffic. We are helping solve issues and provide resources for affiliates. In return, they're joining the community.

✅ I need to work on my paid advertising for affLIFT. We are seeing some great traffic coming from Google Ads. I haven't done as well with Facebook, but I will be working to improve that.

✅ I've been sending out 2 mass messages a week. Because I am now tracking email traffic properly, we've seen a 500%+ increase in email traffic to the community. This is helping reengage old members who became inactive and is driving new membership as well. Last month was the first month that email traffic outperformed organic traffic in both volume and conversion rate.

❌ I have not bee creating new video lessons and guides. I can list a zillion excuses on why I haven't been able to accomplish this goal, but it's something I really need to focus on in the second half of this year.

✅ We've added many new Partners to the community who are actively helping members. A few very active ones I can think of are @Kintura, @Voluum, @Zeropark, and @EZmob.com, and @AdMaven. I believe most of these companies have gotten much more active in the community this year. We've had several contests, but I will definitely be working with these companies to use our contests to drive more business. This is a win-win for the entire community.

✅ Monthly traffic on our Articles has been impressive. I'm working with @jairene to get new content up weekly.

☑ I am not giving myself a full check on social media because although I've done alright at it, I can improve. It doesn't help that my Facebook account has been suspended multiple times this year (unrelated to affLIFT) and when that happens I can't post to FB. Will be working to improve this. Still, our social media traffic is up 64.13% this year.

✅ Our referral program is doing well. I've been paying out members every week for referrals. It's awesome to see so many people getting a recurring income just from affLIFT referrals. If you aren't promoting affLIFT, check out our awesome program :)

- Run a contest
- Add 2 new Partners (traffic sources/tools)
- Send 1 mass email (LPF/affLIFT)
- Find 2 new backlink opportunities
- Update homepage to improve CR/SEO
- Find and install great add-ons for improved experience (example: Link Directory)
✅ We've had a contest most months. Some have bee really good. I will be working to improve this.

✅ I believe 2 new Partners have been added every month.

☑ I haven't been too focused on backlinks, but we've got some good ones anyway. I have been keeping a close eye on our SEO using SEMrush and Nightwatch.

✅ I updated the homepage once. I need to do another update soon and I'm also working on a WordPress setup where I can create landing pages to help people "Discover" everything affLIFT has to offer :D

✅ I've added some features to affLIFT most months. We had a major update recently to the forum software and that has provided some new features. I currently have a Coupons add-on I'll be adding soon so I can offer coupons as a promotion to incentivize new potential members of the community.

- Promotion/membership discount (may skip this in Q1 unless I do a $19/month membership discount the first week of 2019).
I've done a few promotions that have done really well. The biggest was definitely for affLIFT's 1st birthday. I will be doing another promotion next month for my birthday and then we'll finish the year strong with a Black Friday promotions 👍

Overall, I am doing pretty well at knocking out these goals monthly. We've dipped below the 50 new registrations a day goal a few times over the past few weeks, but we're still going strong and should be able to hit 25,000 by the end of the year :D


Well-known member
We see it in very high regard in our company roadmap to help the affiliates of this great community. Good communication between traffic sources and the active affiliates of the affiliate marketing has the same interest in essence.

We're always available for any questions anyone might have, feel free to contact us or tag us :)


Active member
Great news Luke, we're happy to join you for the ride that is AffLift - we've seen this forum grow into a great voice in the industry and we're definitely looking forward to your next goals! :)


Active member
Hey Luke,

Happy to help, it's been great so far for us as well! keeping our finger on the pulse of what is happing within the community. Feedback as you know in any way shape or form is invaluable.




Staff member
25,000 registered users is a lofty goal. But, I have a clear path to it. I'm sure things will change over the course of the year, but I have actionable tasks that I can hold myself accountable with (and hopefully hold an employee or two I hire for the community accountable with too). I have no doubt we'll hit 25,000 users if I do these things :)
We officially hit 25,000 users on today at 12:10 AM. We still have 50 days left in the year so this is quite the accomplishment. I'm going to take the rest of this month to enjoy our reaching our goal and then it'll be time to start brainstorming the best goal for us to reach in 2020! :D