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Guide Global postback PHP script (with 🔥 500 000 free tracker events)



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May 2, 2018
Inspired by Nick’s CloudFlare Worker Piggyback script, a while ago I decided to make my own PHP version of the script. I use this script when I want to test new trackers on the market, and I don’t want to change the postback URL-s on affiliate networks.

This way I can have one global postback URL for all my trackers. If I want to add or test a new tracker, I just add the tracker postback URL to a PHP script (and not on an affiliate network).

The standard way affiliates implement postback is like this:


So you have your tracker postback URL set under affiliate networks settings. This will do fine 99% of the time if you are using only one tracker (which most people do).

But in case you want to test multiple trackers and you can only put one postback URL in your affiliate network settings, then you need a workaround solution.

This is how I implemented this:


I still have 1 postback URL in affiliate network settings but this time it’s not the postback URL from a single tracker - it’s my own script (which then “redirects” the


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