Guide How to “Piggyback” 🐷 Your Postback URL



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May 7, 2018
In a discussion with some affiliates that are doing email + the casino vertical, I discovered that there’s an issue many people have with their postbacks… they need the data in more places for performance analysis than just inside of their tracker.

I offered to show them how they could “piggyback” their postback so they don’t have to do this very tedious manual task anymore. Instead, with a bit of Javascript, you can create a “conversion log” in a Google Sheet in real-time as the conversions happen. If you implement this, there will be no need to do this manually anymore.

What is “piggybacking” your postback? Essentially, you’re intercepting the postback before it gets to your tracker, so you can send the data to other locations and your tracker. Since trackers don’t have this feature, this is the best way I’ve found to do it.

Since most of the people I know that are doing this manually use Voluum as their tracker, that’s what I’ll be using for this example; however, most of this should be very similar for other trackers, too.

Let’s get started.

Creating Your Apps Script​

To do this, we will use Cloudflare Workers + Google Apps script. You
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