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Official Datafeedr: The One-Stop-Shop for Monetizing Your Website



Apr 14, 2023
Datafeedr takes the time-consuming, manual aspect of affiliate marketing and turns it into a seamless and automated process. If you run (or want to run) a WordPress affiliate website or a WooCommerce affiliate store, Datafeedr is the solution for you!

Datafeedr partners with 30 affiliate networks to bring all of the product and link management for over 1 billion products into one easy-to-use platform.

Datafeedr doesn’t just help you set up your affiliate site, it takes the extra step of maintaining it for you. With Datafeedr, you can automatically update your affiliate website or store to make sure your products and links always have the latest information - because there is nothing worse than having your customer click on a broken link and losing a sale!

Who should use Datafeedr?
Anyone who wants to monetize his/her WordPress site with affiliate content!
Here's how you can use Datafeedr to monetize your website:
  1. Create a WooCommerce Affiliate Store
  2. Supplement Your WooCommerce Product Pages by Adding Price Comparison Sets
  3. Embed Price Comparison Sets into Blog Posts and Pages
  4. Create Your Own Custom Solution by Using the Datafeedr API
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