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Dec 16, 2019
DAO.AD: Monetize and buy Push/Pops/Native/Inpage and Video traffic!Top monetization and arbitrage.|

Hello, Dear visitors of the forum Afflift

Are you thinking how to monetize your traffic profitable or where to find quality traffic for the best price to promote your own offers?
Our team gives you a solution to all your questions.

πŸš€We present you DAO.AD platform - a unique platform to convert and monetize:πŸ”ΈPush notifications,πŸ”ΈPopunder,πŸ”ΈNative,πŸ”ΈInPage πŸ”ΈVideo traffic
Thousands of webmasters and advertisers are using the advantages of
DAO.AD platform!

Dao.Ad to work with if you:
βœ…Webmaster and want to monetize website traffic;
βœ…Media buyer and you have large volumes of HQ-traffic to drive on landing pages or direct link;
βœ…Advertiser and you need large volumes of high-quality traffic to promote own offers, products and services;
DAO.AD offers continuously growing revenues for webmasters and fast return on investment for advertisersπŸ”₯

Benefits for Publishers and Media Buyers:

🀘85-90% RevShare from each click depending on the quality of traffic;
🀘Smart campaign rotation system showing top CPM;
🀘Gentle push notification sending mode;
🀘Over 30 already tested landings in all niches and GEOs with translations, plus automatic splitting of landings for better conversion into subscriptions;
🀘Protection against
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