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Official CPV Lab Pro - Track, Test and Optimize All of Your Marketing


CPV Lab Pro

Super Contributor
Nov 29, 2019

Hi everybody,

We are very happy to finally have a presentation page here, on affLIFT 🙂
Thank you @Luke for this!

So, let’s get started!

What is CPV Lab Pro?

CPV Lab Pro is a very powerful and highly customizable tracking system that can track all of your marketing.
It is the continuation of the CPV Lab project that started back in 2010… But since then, many things have changed and much more is coming:)
The development team that created CPV Lab back then is now in charge of developing and improving CPV Lab Pro and has new members ready to help with the support and the development of the system.
Our very responsive support team is quick in assisting you to solve any issues you may have with your campaigns.
The latest release is version 6.1 from January 2020 and the next version will be released in the following months.

What is special about CPV Lab Pro?
  • Self-Hosted & Secure – runs on your own server which means you have complete control over the privacy of your data
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