Case Study [Case Study]: Lowering cost per lead by 43,98% with SmartCPC at RichPush


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RichPush launched a new feature recently — SmartCPC. It buys clicks lower when possible lowers average CPC and save your budget to buy much more clicks. A couple of our advertisers shared their results using this feature at RichPush so let's see how it worked out for them.
Lowered CPL by 40%  on push traffic.jpg
Campaign A Set CPC bid 012. Enabling SmartCPC lowered the average bid to 0076. Due to the economy advertiser got 45 251 more clicks for almost same budget.
Profit Average CPC lowered by 3667%. CPL lowered by 3965%. 265 more conversions for similar budget. Campaign B Maximum CPC bid 0019. Enabling SmartCPC lowered the average bid to 0013. 458 777 clicks.
Profit Average CPC lowered by 3158%. CPL lowered by 3884%....
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