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Guide BigSpy, Social SpyTool With Extensive Database.

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Apr 9, 2019
BigSpy stands out as one of the oldest Spytools on the market, since 2018 with more than 1 billion Creatives database recently, and updated across 9 platforms
I haven't had a chance to test it before, but since I'm going to give more tests to Social Tools I will start With One of the best "BigSpy"

First of All, it has a free Test You Can register and check how it works.


You can even have a 1$ Pro Trial for three days .. and this is more than enough to test all features that are already on the Pro plan.

so let's check it

when you open it For the first time you will find the header with all the tools


1- The main Tool ADSPY, With Ad idea that gives a lot of inspiration with Just a single Keyword You just add your keyword, and the Ad idea gives the rest

2- Featured tab, with TikTok ad creatives
The featured tab provides Ads with these specifications "as Bigspy Explained"
"continuously monitor the engagement and audience data, screen out high-quality ads with good effect and
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