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Social media is one of the biggest sources of traffic nowadays, what with an average person having at least eight social media accounts. If you really want to get a hold of your potential customer, social media is the way to go.

If you want to start media buying on social networks, then you need to understand what you are working on. The best way to do that is to study your competition. You can do this manually, or you can use a spy tool to simplify your research, one such as BigSpy.


BigSpy Features and Benefits​

Millions of Monitored Ads​

BigSpy monitors more than 650 million ad creatives. You can easily find a competitor ad based on whatever niche you are focusing on with this much ad inventory. Users can find not only trendy products but also winning ones. You’ll be able to narrow down to high-margin offers, popular stores, and up and coming dropshipping companies.

Multiple Social Media Platforms​

The scraped ad inventory within BigSpy contains ads from several social media platforms, which are:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest
Aside from these, BigSpy also collects ads from Yahoo and AdMob, Google’s Mobile Advertising side.

Powerful Search Platform​

There is no need to scour through millions of ad creatives blindly. You can easily search and filter ads based on keywords, category, industry type, ad formats, call-to-action buttons (or lack of it), language, country, and date.

The search results display information that can help users evaluate the effectiveness of the ads based on social signals such as likes, comments, and shares. How long the ad has been running is also shown, which is an important sign that the ad is working positively.


FindNiche Tool​

If you have no idea where to start in your e-commerce business, this is the tool that can point you to the right direction. This tool lists down products that are trending based on the number of orders and social signals.

BigSpy Pricing Plans​

This ad spy tool has four pricing plans, which differ on the number of queries per day as well as the number of features that can be accessed. These are as follows:
  1. Free Plan - beginner users can opt for the free plan which can be used for life. It is limited to five searches a day and has access to just Facebook ads.
  2. Basic Plan - priced at $9 a month, this plan allows 20 queries per day for Facebook and Instagram only. It has a trial period of three days for just a dollar.
  3. Pro Plan - this is a huge jump from the Basic Plan, with a monthly fee of $99 per month. There is no limit to the number of queries per day, and all social media platforms within the tool can be searched. All other features are accessible, including online support. This plan also has a three day trial period for $1.
  4. Elite Plan - if you want access to BigSpy’s Ad Ideas Analysis and Advertiser Charts on top of everything under Pro Plan, then this is the one for you. This is priced at $399 per month.


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Very affordable tool to get data from all social networks and different verticals. If you're a company trying to understand what your competitors are running, it's a good tool.

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