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Apr 17, 2018
A friend of mine and I like to gamble on baseball. We (most him) have been building an algorithm/bot to help us find baseball games we think we are most likely to be profitable betting on.

Shortly before the MLB season started this year, we decided to try to build a website/forum specifically for baseball. And, because it's 2024, we decided to use a lot of AI for it :D

It's called Baseball Forum.

We're creating AI generated summaries for every baseball game. In case you aren't familiar with the MLB, each team plays 162 games in 1 season. There are currently 30 teams. Talk about content! :D

I am hoping we will be able to get a significant amount of search traffic from people searching for games/teams/players. We'll see. Early search impressions are looking interesting...


Eventually, I'd like to upsell people on getting access to our betting algorithm. Of course, we need to dial that in first so it's successful and it'll give people a reason to pay :D

We'll see. This is just a fun little side project. I thought I would share though
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