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Follow Along Back with another follow-along! Tier 1 Casino- CPA offer


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Okay, so as requested here is the total revenue, if you compare affiliate network and voluum stats, there is a discrepancy of over $700. That's because when I set up the email server, I wasn't able to track the revenue properly. Anyway, here it is :

Voluum : Rev : $6332

Yep1 :
Revenue : $1296

Yep2 :
Revenue : $5244

Traffic Company:
Revenue: $616

Total Revenue : $7156
Voluum Tracked Revenue : $6332
Difference : $824

Total Revenue : $7156
Spent: $4618
Profit : $2538

This is mostly all on Propeller Ads, there were a few pauses when I was setting up email, when my autoresponder wasn't working etc etc. I think it would very easily be something like a $20-30k revenue per month campaign if I play my cards right..let's see if I can!


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Amazon account is active and running. And the campaign was paused for a week or so in between but it is back up now (ROI taking a dip and I got busy with my full time job and didn't have time to refresh creatives/landers. I did that two days ago and the campaign has picked up where it left off earlier :)


@varunkeskar You offer something to those who enter their email or it's just a step to go to the offer, like 'enter the email to receive the bonus' and redirect it straight to the offer?