Anyone's 2 Cent on Email Marketing.



Super Contributor
Feb 8, 2021
Hey Guys,

I wanted to check if someone can give help me out with my email marketing setup and email campaigns.
To start from the start I want to tell you the whole setup is working fine, I mean there are no setup problems but still, things are never working the way I want them to work.
Alright, firstly I am using Mailwizz for the front end and have been using VPS services like OVH, Contabo, and AIT in the back end.
Power MTA is also involved somewhere in the setup since I don't actually do the set up I don't know where, but you have to take my word for that it works and sends the emails.
But the problem starts once you start sending emails, we have been collecting data into our landing pages through organic traffic and this data performs fine.
But this data is limited and grows at its own slow rate. On the other hand, whenever we buy data from some vendor or try to work with people who own the data on revenue share we face difficulties. A major problem we face is the inboxibilty, even though we make sure that the
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