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May 2, 2018
There has been some talk recently about survey offers again, mostly because they are no longer allowed to be run on PropellerAds.I always wanted to take a deeper look at survey offers, and how they work, so maybe now is a good time?

I know many of you run survey offers. Some had success, some didn’t. But did you ask yourself how Zeydoo monetizes those offers? What’s behind those offers? Why are your rates changing all the time?

In one of my follow alongs, I’ve tested survey exit traffic and I’ve noticed that I’m getting traffic from multiple zones from a single survey. Those zones had different conversion rates, which led me to believe that traffic coming from those zones is not the same type.

Once the survey exit appeared as a new ad format in PropellerAds dashboard, I knew they were doing some sort of traffic arbitrage. In one way, they are filtering out the bad traffic (which doesn’t reach the last step) or bot traffic (which has high conversion rates) using a generic page. You’ll notice that on sweeps surveys, they don’t mention a particular prize - but show some general prizes


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