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    Don't Send Traffic To a New Offer Before You Do This! [ Free Calculator Inside ]

    If we go and ask 10 affiliate managers on various networks for a list of their top performing offers, we can easily create a list of around 100 offers - all from various verticals, payouts as well as conversion flow. So, having access to these 100 top offers means that we can create hundreds...
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    What is the best way to increase conversions? Is it to improve your ad text? Is it to change your image? Is it to find a good offer? Actually, all of these are correct. But there is one way to increase conversions that pros in the affiliate marketing world would swear by... And this is by...
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    "Download Explanation" Landing Page?

    Are you planning on promoting 3rd party offers (from affiliate networks) or your own offer? If you're going to promote 3rd party offers that will redirect the visitor from the landing page to another offer, then the overlay won't make much sense. Also it may become a bit hard to track clikcs if...
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    maxbounty after 3months ,

    Have you been using landing pages? what was your plan on promoting the above offers? Also, did you get any insights on the above-promoted offers from your account manager? Many people fail to ask for offer information in terms of CR, EPC and Revenue before promoting them. Also due to lack of...
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    Guide How To Explore Your Native Ads Audience Demographics and Interests

    Alright guys, I’ve been wanting to write about this for some time, but before doing it, I wanted to run some tests first. So, when promoting on native ad networks, we usually miss some important information on our targeted audience – age, gender or even audience interests. Without having...
  6. TheOptimizer.io

    Native Advertising 2019: The Year in Review 📊

    Over the year that we just left behind, many advertising agencies and affiliate marketers expressed great interest towards native advertising. With over 1M+ live campaigns, 2019 marked another successful year for this ad format. Obviously, traffic diversification needs and the buying power...
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    Advice on Analyzing my Campaign please

    Simple! Create a new thread in the below linked subforum and make sure to post all your progress details including some stats to get maximum help :) https://afflift.com/f/forums/ppv/
  8. TheOptimizer.io

    Advice on Analyzing my Campaign please

    Why don't you start a follow along so that you can keep track of the progress as well as get all the possible help from other members? I think it's a more constructive approach for everyone :)
  9. TheOptimizer.io

    Follow Along Italy adult dating offer + Plugrush on mobile

    Well done @AffDirst! Getting your progress on record through a follow along is always one of the best moves one can do. I think I already have a few suggestions: If you're targeting Italy, you're fine with Italian landers only. No need to overcomplicate things by adding multi-lingual landers...
  10. TheOptimizer.io

    Advice on Analyzing my Campaign please

    Depending on how your campaign traffic is delivered by the ad network, it may happen that during a specific time frame, a specific visitor is served more than once with your campaign link. Or if we are talking about display traffic, a visitor may have clicked twice on an add and generated more...
  11. TheOptimizer.io

    Help with Adult Italy campaign

    The example @jimmyvanilla is mentioning here applies more to banner/display traffic. I feel like you are still confused about the visits flow and click count, so I made two simple diagrams. Unlike display traffic (Banner/Native), on PPV (Pop Up / Pop Under / Redirect), the visitor does not...
  12. TheOptimizer.io

    Help with Adult Italy campaign

    Usually when promoting specific offers, we expect a single click that will redirect the visitor from our landing page to the offer. So, ~200 visits is the amount of campaign link visits and the number of landing page clicks is the number of clicks generated from these 200 visits.
  13. TheOptimizer.io

    Help with Adult Italy campaign

    Smartlinks differ quite noticeably from specific offers. I wouldn't focus on smartlinks first. Promoting specific offers will help you learn quite a lot more than smartlinks. If you don't have experience with landers and not familiar with coding, you can take advantage of LanderLab to host them ;)
  14. TheOptimizer.io

    Help with Adult Italy campaign

    Correct! Always start with placements, then later check other targeting options. Wasting a big chunk of your daily budget on a few high-volume low-quality placements, is quite usual on pops. This way you protect yourself from wasting budget on these type of placements while allocating it to...