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What is the best way to increase conversions? Is it to improve your ad text? Is it to change your image? Is it to find a good offer?

Actually, all of these are correct. But there is one way to increase conversions that pros in the affiliate marketing world would swear by...and this is by using a landing page.

But if you’re concerned about making the landing page right and creating it easily, you only need to search for landing page creators. There are several of these available today, and one of them is LanderLab.


LanderLab Review

No Coding Skills Required
LanderLab’s visual editor is pretty simple; you only need to drag the elements and drop them on the page. You can preview the landing page and you can click on Publish when it’s all set. You can add your pixel, other tracking codes, and your tracking link within the editor.

Advanced Code Editor
In case you have the skills and you only lack the platform, you can also make use of LanderLab's Advanced Code Editor, where you can create or edit HTML, CSS or Javascript files.

Link Your Own Domain
To make sure your landing page reflects your own branding, you would have to connect your own domain name to the account. Once your domain name is confirmed, you can create multiple subdomains as well.

Upload Landers Quickly
If you have already created a landing page on your computer, or you have downloaded a landing page from somewhere else (a spy tool perhaps), you can easily upload your landers here. Just make sure all the elements of the landing page are compressed in a Zip file when uploading, and you are good to go. There is also an option to replace all outgoing links within the landing page, in case you are using a lander you got from your spy tool.

Pass All Information to Your Tracker
There are lots of information that a single click can provide you, some of which are vital to your campaign optimization. With LanderLab, you won’t have to worry about links not passing click data, as you can simply input your landing page URL to your tracker, add as many macros as you need and you’re done! The process is the same as adding a direct link from your affiliate network.

100+ Landing Page Templates
There would be no need to think of and build everything from scratch as LanderLab has more than one hundred templates that are ready to use. You just need to use custom images, change some of the text to match your ads, and of course add your affiliate links.


The templates are also separated into categories so that you can easily find the landing page templates crafted for your niche. The following are the available categories:
  • Dating
  • Get Rich
  • Finance
  • Health
  • ED (Erectile Dysfunction)
  • Security
  • Skin
  • Product-based
  • Win iPhone
  • Ecom
  • Hair
  • Games
  • Muscle
Create Fully Responsive Landing Pages
There's no need to create landing pages separately based on the devices you want to target. The landers you create within this platform are fully responsive and will adjust to the viewer's screen size.

LanderLab Pricing

LanderLab has a simple pricing structure. You only need to pay $49 per month, or $499 per year (at a 15% discount) when paid annually. You would have access to all the templates and features of upon subscribing.

The good news though is that LanderLab is offering its platform for free while still in Beta, so create an account right away!

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What if I tell that you can create outstanding LPs without coding? That’s great right? I’m sure it’s.
Thanks to LanderLab, you can build, edit, and publish beautiful and responsive landing pages that convert more and yes, no coding and no server skills is needed!
It has a great feature which is called tracking pixel and it’s used for popular platforms like Google ads, Facebook, etc.

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