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UPDATE: PropellerAds no longer has native traffic.

Native ads are widely known to capture the attention of viewers who are already engaged with the type of content you offer. According to MMAGlobal, viewers interact with native ad format 40% more than typical banner ads. This is because native ads blend well into the content and don’t look like an ad, which many viewers are already blind to.

If you’re interested in trying out native ads, one of the best places to start is with PropellerAds. The company is already a respected platform for various types of traffic, so trying them out is a no-brainer.


PropellerAds Native Ads Features

Various Native Ads Locations
There are several locations by which your native ad can appear in, and these are:
  • Footer Banners (at the end of the article)
  • In-Article Banners
  • Above Video Banners
  • Below Video Banners
  • Side Banners (located at the sidebars)
Whatever the screen size of your user, the ad will automatically be resized to match. As the publisher website itself adjusts for desktop, tablet or mobile screens, so would the native ads’ photo and text to perfectly match that of the publisher’s. This effectively maintains the “native” characteristic of the ad.

Immune to AdBlock
More and more adblocks are being added and used by browsers and apps nowadays, blocking several ads from loading, therefore not allowing advertisers to reach their prospective audience. Since the native ad format does not make use of redirection, pop-ups or even forced clicks, it is not affected by adblocks.

To further make sure that native ads being served will not be blocked, Propeller Ads created its own AdBlock bypassing technology. You will not have to worry about your target audience not seeing your ads.

Misclick Detection Technology
To give you peace of mind that you will only pay for real clicks, PropellerAds native direct ads make use of Misclick Detection Technology. Even clicks by real users, when proven to be accidental, will not be counted as a paid click. There are three ways for which Misclick Detection Technology kicks in, and these are when:
  • The ad is seen for less than two seconds;
  • Only 50% or less of the ad widget is shown;
  • The user immediately returns (two seconds or less) to the original page after clicking on the ad.
If any of these parameters are noticed in a click, that click will not be paid for. This technology effectively ensures you only pay for intent-driven clicks.

PropellerAds Native Ads Pricing and Payments

There are two pricing options available for native ads, and these are CPM and CPC. In Propeller Ads, the minimum cost per click (CPC) is $0.005, while the minimum cost per mille (CPM) is $0.01.

To start a campaign, you must first deposit a minimum of $100. You can add funds by using credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), Unionpay, wire transfer, PayPal, Skrill, and ePayments.

PropellerAds Bonus

affLIFT members can get more out of their money when they deposit funds in Propeller Ads. New advertisers can get a $50 bonus when $200 is deposited. New and current advertisers can get a $250 bonus when $1,000 is deposited. Learn how to claim your PropellerAds bonus by visiting our affiliate marketing promo codes page.

Looking for more traffic? PropellerAds also offers pops and push notification ads.

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