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Pay Per Call is one of the highest paying conversion flows in the affiliate industry. If you want to try your hand with it, there are only a handful of networks that work with such offers. One of them is MarketCall.

MarketCall is one of the leading providers of not just pay-per-call offers, but also of CPLs. It officially launched in 2015 and is headquartered in California.


Marketcall Affiliate Network Benefits​

Global Offers​

MarketCall has offers for any geolocation and for almost every industry. These offers fall under two conversion models:

Pay Per Call Offers

Affiliates are paid for every qualified call made by a customer towards the advertiser. Their top-performing offers belong to the following verticals:
  • Insurance
  • Finance
  • Home improvement
  • Travel

Lead Offers​

Although they are known for their PPCall offers, they also work with advertisers who are interested in getting leads. Their top CPL offers fall under insurance, finance (payday and debt settlement), and education niches.

Promotional Templates​

If you’ve never promoted a PPCall offer before, you might find it confusing to create a landing page whose objective is to push the customer to make a call. MarketCall has made it easier by providing 200 landing page templates that can be easily customized by publishers.

Templates for click-to-call banners, videos, and even text are likewise available for use.

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Proprietary Platform​

The PPCall conversion flow has unique requirements when it comes to qualifying conversions, which is why MarketCall created its own proprietary platform that accurately tracks traffic flow from click, to call, to conversion.


Third-party tracker integration is also possible. You can link your landing page or account to your Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and other tracking systems that use API or postback.

Here are some of the unique marketing tools that this platform provides:

Call Tracking
Because of its proprietary platform, MarketCall is also able to provide important call metrics to their affiliates. Statistics and statuses of the calls received in the past ten days are provided. Some of the metrics displayed are the call ID, call status (approved, hold, canceled, chargeable, and more), duration, call type, and offer.

This data can help publishers determine which sources are providing quality calls and which are not, allowing them to adjust their marketing strategies to improve their efficiency and ROI.

Callback Widget
It is possible that a potential customer is already in the middle of the advertiser’s marketing funnel. He or she knows about the offer and has already shown interest. In such cases, a callback widget will help immensely. Using a callback widget results in higher conversion rates and better call quality, which is why MarketCall didn’t miss out on providing this tool to their affiliates.

Caller Substitution and Phone Number Rental
MarketCall also provides its affiliates with unique phone numbers that direct to specific offers in their database. The higher your call volume, the more phone numbers assigned to your account to accommodate your traffic.

Mobile numbers are given out for free, while fixed-line phone numbers with a local area code can be rented.

Domain Parking
To maintain your brand identity, from ad creative to the landing page, you can use your own domain name. Link a new domain name for every offer you want to promote with just a few clicks.

MarketCall Payout Options​

The payout frequency depends on your payment option. Payments are sent on a daily basis if via check, ACH, or wire transfer. If via PayPal, Payoneer, or e-check, expect your payment to be sent on a weekly basis.

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I haven't done a lot of pay per call yet, but I absolutely love the Marketcall platform. It's easy to setup you campaigns and their team has been very helpful! 👍

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