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Adult advertising is one of the most lucrative niches in the affiliate world if you know what you are doing. There are tons of adult offers from various affiliate networks; you are sure to find one for every niche. But since adult offers are highly profitable, they are also, without a doubt, extremely competitive.

Whether you are a beginner itching to get a piece of the adult niche pie, or you are a seasoned affiliate wanting to gain more insight on your ads, then subscribing to the adult spy tool AdPeriscope might just be perfect for you.

The people behind Anstrex (Push and Native Ads Spy tools) are also those behind AdPeriscope, so if you have tried Anstrex before, you would notice the similarity in the features and dashboard.

AdPeriscope Features

Advanced Filters
Narrow down your search by using AdPeriscope’s advanced filter that uses Boolean Logic. This means you can combine parameters using “and”, “or” or “not”, so you can find ads for your exact niche.

Targeting Data
Find out how your competition targets audiences based on the targeting data of each specific ad. Targeting data can include mobile carrier, ad network, device and country.

Detailed Campaign Statistics
You will be able to find the daily activity of the campaign, which network and publisher adult websites work best for the campaign, and which creative is performing better than others. You will also be able to see how long each creative has been running, and when it was first and last seen so you can gauge whether or not the campaign is profitable to the advertiser.

Download & Deploy Landing Pages
One of AdPeriscope’s most powerful features, Download & Deploy allows you to view the landing page and download them directly from the tool. Your downloaded landing page can then be edited using the AdPeriscope’s WYSIWYG editor, where you can adjust anything you like and add your own affiliate link.

Once you are satisfied with the landing page, just click optimize (to make it load faster) then upload directly to your server. The page doesn’t even have to be downloaded to your PC; you can do everything within AdPeriscope. You just need to make sure to connect your server to your AdPeriscope account for quick uploading.

Of course, if you don’t want to connect your server to AdPeriscope, you can always just download the edited and optimized landing page to your computer and deploy it to your server yourself.

Scan Banner Images for Keywords
AdPeriscope scans text embedded in an image and then tags that image with the words that it recognizes. So your search based on keywords will not only yield ads that contain the words in the title or ad text, but it will also show ads with the keywords in the banner image itself.

Campaigns from 8 Ad Networks
AdPeriscope displays campaigns from eight ad networks, encompassing fifty-six countries and more than 150 mobile carriers. These ad networks (traffic sources) are:
  1. Exoclick
  2. Traffic Stars
  3. Traffic Factory
  4. EroAdvertising
  5. TrafficJunky (read our TrafficJunky review)
  6. TrafficHaus
  7. AdBucks
  8. JuicyAds

AdPeriscope Pricing

AdPeriscope offers just one pricing level, and that’s $89.99 per month per user.

AdPeriscope Coupon Code
affLIFT members can get an exclusive 20% lifetime discount to AdPeriscope by using the affiliate coupon code afflift_20.

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Great set of tools under one roof. Exactly what the promo texts say about it.

Pros: UI can be better - to many redirects and new window opens, things really can be positioned inside one screen (less steps) and also be easier to be opened in new tab.

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