Hey all, Noviclick is testing offers from the offer wall so you can see that they are converting. For this test we used a Mobile Content offer in Portugal. It’s a PIN submit and working for all carriers and Wifi traffic in Portugal. We tested this offer on Mobile Push traffic with an antivirus angle.

It's a simple offer test so you can see how to run it and copy this flow easily. The campaign was active on RON traffic and not optimized at all. We hope this test will inspire you to test this offer and maybe more offers like this one.

Push Campaign Summary

Ad Format: Push Notifications

Vertical: Mobile content
Country: Portugal (PT)
Period: 2022-03-17 – 2022-04-11
Offer: Portugal – Mobile content – AV from: Noviclick
Prelanders: AV-Mobile-Clean (see offer wall)

Total Spent: $7,91
Total Revenue: $9,45
Total Conversions: 8
Profit: $1,54
ROI: 19%

Campaign settings

Ad Format: Push Notifications
Pricing Model: CPC
Bid: $0,041
Categories: Mainstream/Adult
Countries: Portugal
Device Types: Mobile
Operating Systems: All
Browsers: All
Mobile Carriers: All
Subscriber age: All ages

Push Creatives

For this campaign we used the Antivirus angle. Ask your AM at Noviclick for more creatives. When you will run this campaign it is always advisable to test multiple banners and rotate them regularly to prevent banner blindness.


Noviclick stats

As can be seen in the statistics below the offers is running positive ROI. This campaign is running a positive ROI without optimizing anything, so there are a lot of opportunities.



There is still a lot potential for Mobile Content offers on Push traffic, the next step would be to scale the campaign with a whitelist. Also, some optimizations can be made in with the subscriber age and banners to increase the ROI even further.

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