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Noviclick Push

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Noviclick Push
Noviclick is a global advertising network that specializes in push notification ads. These ads allow you to reach your audience with personalized messages at any time and place through their phones—even while they're browsing social media or playing games.

But what really sets noviclick apart from other advertising platforms? Let's find out.


Noviclick Push Ads Features and Benefits​

The network prides itself in delivering more than one billion ad impressions per day, coming from several ad formats in its arsenal. These push ad formats include:

Classic Push Ads​

Using classic push notifications, you can send messages to your customers on Windows, Mac, and Android. These will pop up right away, even if the user is not currently using the app!

Even if the user's settings are on quiet mode and the message does not appear as a pop-up alert, the ad will remain on the notifications list until the user sees them and either dismisses it or clicks on it. This ensures 100% human interaction.

The bid for a push ad click starts at $0.001.

In-Page Push Notifications​

In-page push messages are a new, innovative way to advertise. They look and act just like your standard push notification, popping up immediately when someone navigates onto a publishing website.

These work on any device or browser without requiring apps or plugins. The fact that in-page push depends on websites means they have a wider reach than classic push, reaching even iOS devices.

Noviclick delivers in-page push ads at an affordable CPC pricing that starts at only $0.001.


Self-Service Dashboard​

noviclick’s self-service dashboard offers the most efficient way to buy and manage your push campaigns. In this dashboard, you can create campaigns and view your stats in a convenient layout that allows easy navigation.

Advanced Targeting​

Noviclick Push traffic offers many targeting options to help you narrow down the audience. These are:
  • Traffic type (mainstream or adult)
  • Geolocation (based on country or region)
  • Device type, browser, operating system
  • Mobile carrier and IP ranges
  • Push subscription age
With these targeting options, marketers can do more than just send ads to anyone—they're reaching customers who may actually respond to them!

Custom Audience Creation​

Noviclick offers custom audience creation to help you better target your markets. Creating a custom audience is excellent for those who know exactly which sites perform well.

For example, if you always receive a significant click-through rate on your campaign when posting to specific site ids, you may want to create a custom audience with these site ids and target them efficiently. Or do it the other way around by adding less-performing sites to your list so that you can easily blacklist them from future campaigns!

noviclick Funding Options​

The lowest amount you can add to your account is $50 via Paypal, Paxum, credit card, and Capitalist. Funding via wire transfer is also possible at a higher minimum.

At the moment, noviclick does not provide deposit bonuses and other promotional discounts as they maintain a low price point for their traffic.

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