How to start promoting CPA dating offers? What challenges do webmasters face while switching from other verticals? How much should you invest in initial tests?

Today, with Anastasia, an affiliate manager at Cpamatica with over seven years of experience in dating, and her media buying team from Estonia, we will discuss the specifics of dating and how to generate positive ROI.

Is It Worth Starting Dating Affiliate Marketing?​

In today's world, people are increasingly looking for partners online. Each year, the traffic volumes on dating platforms continue to grow, and the market is constantly introducing new products, both in mainstream and casual directions. In 2022, the online dating market was estimated at 9.4 billion US dollars, and according to forecasts, it is expected to reach 15,789.5 billion US dollars by 2030.

Dating is one of evergreen verticals, it has it’s ups and downs, but it keeps on converting year after year.


Advertisers often use affiliate programs that collaborate with webmasters specializing in driving traffic to these products to acquire a sufficient quantity of high-quality traffic for dating products.

Types of Dating Offers and How to Choose​

Dating offers typically fall into two categories: mainstream and casual.

Mainstream dating is for those seeking serious and long-term relationships. Advertisers in this category usually include dating apps and websites. For mainstream dating, it's easier to choose traffic sources and work with advertising platforms that do not block mainstream ads.

Casual dating is for those interested in casual relationships without serious commitments. When it comes to casual dating, the niche may impose certain restrictions on the choice of traffic sources. Not all ad networks accept casual creatives, so this factor should be considered when selecting traffic sources and networks.

✅ At Cpamatica, we have both – mainstream and casual offers.

Webmasters often choose casual dating offers when switching to a new vertical. The ROI on these offers is typically higher, and working through an advertising network is simpler than setting up Google Ads campaigns or conducting SEO optimization, which are more effective for mainstream traffic.

A crucial step in testing a new niche is selecting an affiliate network or a direct advertiser that allows you to work with the offer. During the initial testing phase, it's a good idea to choose 2-3 affiliate programs with a solid reputation in the market and a wide range of offers targeting different Geo.

Niche Specifics – Payment Models and Geographies​

One of the significant advantages of the dating niche is the availability of offers that operate on the SOI (Single Opt-In) and DOI (Double Opt-In) models. Users need to perform a few simple actions for affiliates to track conversions in their tracking systems:
  • Click on the banner.
  • Land on the advertiser's landing page.
  • Answer a few simple questions.
  • Enter their data and email.
After the user submits this information, you receive a lead. In these types of offers, users are not required to make payments, unlike many other verticals.
In niches like iGaming, users often need to make an initial deposit, which requires entering their credit card information. This deposit step typically comes later in the conversion funnel and tends to have a lower conversion rate than the simple registration process.

In the lead generation (lead-gen) niche, additional steps may be added to the user journey, such as a phone call to confirm data or to complete a service application.

Comment from the Media Buying Team
What advice would you give to those looking to get into dating?

Test different offers and angles, always conduct A/B tests, and never give up. For your initial tests, you can allocate a budget of $1,000. If you already have experience in other verticals, this budget should be sufficient to start seeing initial results.

Forums were a great help for us because you can find valuable information there, and sometimes even detailed case studies that you can use as examples for your offers. For us, the affLIFT forum was precious, as it had active dating-related threads.

When it comes to popular geographies in dating, there's something for everyone. For instance, you can run traffic to Brazil with a 200% ROI or target the USA with a 30-40% ROI, and the earnings potential can be similar. However, English-speaking or European geographies (Tier-1) typically offer substantial payouts, and achieving four-digit figures in your tracking system is much easier. Additionally, with stable traffic quality on Tier-1, you can negotiate payout increases of 5-10 times the default rate.

But it's essential to have patience and continually test to find winning combinations (traffic source - offer - geo - banner) since Tier-1 geographies are highly competitive.

If you want to start test dating offers – register to Cpamatica, our experienced managers will help you to choose the best GEO and offer.

Comment from Anastasiia
Which Geo is Best to Start With and Why?

I always recommend beginners or those planning to switch and start testing dating to consider Tier-3 offers. Often, this includes Latin American countries like Argentina (AR), Colombia (CO), Brazil (BR), Peru (PE), Chile (CL), Paraguay (PY), and Mexico (MX). There is significantly less competition in these regions, and you can find working combinations with relatively small budgets. For testing on Tier-3 geographies, a budget of $1,000 to $2,000 should be sufficient to gather enough data for analysis, optimization, and start achieving a positive ROI.

Comment from the Media Buying Team
What ROI Should Beginners in Dating Aim For?

The ideal ROI can vary based on geography, traffic source, and traffic type. ROI is a universal metric; at the beginning, anything above 0 is a good sign. If you have a stable daily spend of $100 or more and an ROI above 0 in your initial steps, that's a positive indicator, and you should consider scaling up.

In the dating niche, a 30-50% ROI is considered good, while 100-200% may indicate that someone else in the chain is under-earning, and you might face competition or higher traffic prices soon (unless you are in Tier-3 geographies with lower volumes, where such ROI is quite realistic).

Traffic Sources for Dating Traffic​

Popular Sources
“Free social” traffic sources

If you're a beginner and don't have a budget for paid advertising testing, you can consider free social traffic sources. This type of traffic involves a significant amount of manual work, a lot of time spent creating content, publishing, and finding relevant platforms where your target audience can be found. Examples of free social traffic sources include:
  • Social media blogs – TikTok, Instagram, Facebook.
  • Viral content platforms – YouTube Shorts, Reels, forums.
  • Question-and-answer websites.
SEO traffic can also be considered free social traffic, but you must understand search engine algorithms to rank your site at the top. SEO traffic offers the highest quality in dating but is one of the most challenging.

Paid Traffic
When it comes to paid traffic sources in dating, you'll find many advertising networks that offer traffic for purchase. The most popular paid traffic sources in dating include:
  • Native Ads (Mgid, Taboola).
  • Banner ads (Exoclick, Trafficjunky, Trafficfactory).
  • Push traffic (Evadav, Richads, Tacoloco).
  • Pop traffic (Propellerads).
Unlike free social traffic sources, where it often takes several months of work to build an audience, in paid networks, you fund your account, launch a campaign, and immediately receive an audience.

Comment from the Media Buying Team
Which Traffic Sources Are Best to Start With in Dating?

It's best to start with traffic sources in dating, where you can find low CPM (Cost Per Mille) or CPC (Cost Per Click). You can purchase quality traffic in highly competitive spots and build connections even with small volumes. Be sure to use your own pre-landers, collect pushes, and try to implement additional monetization elements like BackButton and Secondary Offers. We recommend starting with the following traffic sources:

Paid Traffic Sources:

  • Push traffic
  • Member area
  • Banner ads
Free social traffic sources:
  • Facebook (FB)
  • TikTok
As you gain momentum, exploring more expensive segments and purchasing larger volumes to outbid competitors in the acquisition areas makes sense. The best sources for this are:
  • Mobile Applications (MA)
  • Paid and Free Social Search
  • Banner ads
  • Native ads
Comment from Anastasia:
How Much Can You Earn in Dating?

Dating is one of those verticals where media buyers earn anywhere from $100 to $10,000 daily. Cpamatica has examples of affiliates generating such amounts on paid traffic. When we talk about daily earnings of $3,000, it's usually teams rather than solo arbitrageurs, and a $10,000 daily profit is achievable for large teams.

As an affiliate manager, when I talk about income, I mean revenue, not accounting for how much a partner spends on promoting offers and other non-marketing expenses. It's entirely possible to estimate approximate monthly income, considering that our partners' average ROI is 30-50%.

Register to Cpamatica and start earning on dating offers with us!

Pros and Cons of Dating​

Comment from the Media Buying Team
What are the pros and cons of working with dating offers?

For our team, the most significant advantage is that dating is an evergreen vertical, and there are many offers to choose from in the market. You can always find "your" offer and affiliate program.

The main drawback is the high competition, which can lead to expensive clicks on Tier-1 geographies, making achieving a positive ROI when starting out challenging. The key is to test various traffic sources, offers and regularly conduct A/B testing to find working combinations.

Dating is a vertical that is always relevant as people continue to search for partners online. One of the main advantages of dating is its accessibility for newcomers, who can start testing offers with small budgets. As a solo arbitrageur, you can earn around $1,000 daily in this field, and this figure can increase to $10,000 if you have a team.

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