Let's dive into the essentials right from the start. Telegram has 500 million users from various geographic locations, setting it apart from the more typical WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Due to its specificity, Telegram has gained popularity among affiliate marketers, particularly in niches such as gambling, adult content, dating, crypto, and others.

Ways to use Telegram for Your Promotions​

You have four ways to find your customers on Telegram:
  1. Buy ads in channels
  2. Buy ads from Telegram (targeting like)
  3. Spam users by databases
  4. Create a channel, force the channel, improve the channel, and create the flow of customers.
The most efficient methods for using Telegram often involve strategically placing ads on larger channels rather than creating your own. This is because having fewer steps between you, your traffic, and your profit is advantageous.

Yes, there are strategies and cases where some individuals have created their channels and propelled them to success in affiliate marketing for these niches, but their experiences are not necessarily replicable.

To make this part more informal, let’s put the alternative strategy to use Telegram in your affiliate marketing. If you have time and experience, you may create an automated sales funnel. Use bots like @Manybot or @Chatfuel for an automated dating funnel on Telegram. When someone joins, the bot says hello and offers dating topics. Choices guide the user through the funnel. Each path gives tailored articles or deals. It's simple and direct and boosts your conversion rates.

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Dating Vertical And Telegram​

Telegram has increasingly become a popular platform for affiliate marketers promoting dating offers. Here's a table that breaks down why Telegram has become such a hit in the dating affiliate marketing sector, as well as some of its limitations:

Growing Users: Telegram sees steady growth. Affiliates can hit up to 500k subscribers.Advertiser Doubt: Finding an ad partner can be tough. Many are skeptical.
Easy Rules: Less red tape than Facebook means your channel lasts longer.Geo-Limits: Most money-making offers are in Tier-1 regions. Other areas lose out.
Low Budget: You can start with little money but expect to put in time.Time Sink: Building a solid channel takes time, especially for quality traffic.
More Ways to Earn: One subscriber can generate multiple revenue hits.Few Offer Matches: Not all dating offers suits your crowd and ad partners.
But the main reason remains the same. Affiliate marketers in the dating niches love Telegram because it doesn't ban suspicious marketing offers and aggressive marketing creatives. But, sometimes it happens, and you may get banned by Telegram if you break all the rules, and the community wants to remove you from Telegram.

Gaining an audience for your channel​

Here, you have only two ways. One of them is long and ineffective but free, and you can work on it not only if you’re involved in affiliate marketing. I mean, if we want to attract real people, not thousands of bots. So, how can you boost your Telegram account without using YouTube or something else? Here are some simple steps:
  1. Create a fundamental audience. For this, you need your contacts.
  2. After you've created at least ten posts, you have to move into TG Stat (instructions on how to use it are provided below) and search for small channels similar to yours (with 10 to 200 subscribers).
  3. Now, you can ask for a mutual posting. This means you'll post a free ad on your channel for free, and in return, you'll get a free post in return.
  4. After a few more posts (around 3 to 5), repeat this process with other similar channels. You should keep doing this until you reach a thousand subscribers. It's not a tough task if your content is interesting. Even if you're posting about kittens or giving dating advice, it still works.
  5. Going from growing a channel from your first 20 subscribers to 1,000, if you're mastering your advertising skills and can create impressive content, usually takes about a month. That's why we usually don't recommend creating a free channel and trying to use Telegram by creating channels in affiliate marketing without money. The reason is the long-term commitment.
  6. So, after you've reached your first 1,000 subscribers, you should move on to the next step. You should sell a bit of advertisement to smaller channels and keep the money from those ads to buy advertising on larger channels. In this way, you arbitrage the advertising on your channel while you're growing up to 5,000 real subscribers. Remember that these people are entirely real, and they really read you. Not all of them are active, but they are subscribers. And if you still haven't lost patience with affiliate marketing and want to hit the jackpot, what do you need?
You're absolutely right! You need to sell them your product. If you compare this method to all others, you really don't spend a penny on it and get a loyal, warmed-up audience in less than a quarter of a year.

Now, you can continue your growth and resell your ads to a loyal audience!

Marketing Analysis stage​

If you are not ready to spend your time creating an audience and have money that you're willing to invest in marketing to grow faster and do affiliate marketing as in the good old times, you have to learn how to analyze big channels by using TGstat.

Use the force of TGstat​

TGstat is a user-friendly tool that offers a wide range of services and in-depth analytics on Telegram channels. Before we delve into how TGstat works and similar platforms, which typically aggregate similar information with slightly different interfaces, let's provide a concise cheat sheet or checklist. This will help you evaluate a platform before making advertising investments or selling ads there.

SectionKey Points & MetricsUtility/Insight
IntroTGStat for channel analysisUse for fast cash with affiliate links; caution about Telegram saturation.
General Use of TGStat
Find Channels by ThemeProcedure: Homepage -> CategoriesAnalyze market competition.
Search Specific ChannelsProcedure: Use search bar + channel linkTargeted analysis.
Analyze DataSteps: Select -> "Statistics"Context in data; views per image in posts.
Summary Section
SubscribersGauge popularity and trends.
Subs/UnsubsDaily changes for insights.
Citation IndexViral potential.
Avg. ReachOverall visibility.
Subscribers Section
GraphsLong-term subscriber trends.
Comparative AnalysisBenchmark against competitors.
Citation Index Section
Mentions vs RepostsContent Quality.
Publication Reach Section
Avg. Publication ReachSee Summary Section.
Avg. Promotional ReachSee Summary Section.
Cumulative Daily ViewsIdentify high-interaction days.
View Analysis Section
Hourly View DynamicsOptimal posting times.
Advertising Effectiveness
ViewsPost exposure.
Subscriber GrowthAdvertised channel's growth.
Subscriber Attraction
Monthly MentionsMention Frequency.
Monthly Mention ReachAudience exposure.
External Traffic
ttttt.me redirectsBudget optimization.
Top Publications
Rankings based on metricsHigh-performing content.

What to use for most optimizing Telegram administration​

Below is a list of resources that could be useful for Telegram administrators, from analytics tools to platforms where you can buy advertisements. Note that I can't actually link to these resources, but they are easily searchable:
  1. Combot: Manages your channel, and tracks activity.
  2. @VoteBot: In-app tool for quick polls. Know what your audience wants. (Usually accessible through Telegram's in-app search)
  3. TGStat: Telegram-focused stats. Know your numbers.
  4. TON Exchange, AdGram: Buy and sell ads within Telegram itself. (TON Exchange is usually accessible through Telegram or relevant websites)
  5. Canva: Easy visuals for posts and ads. Make it pop.
  6. Google Analytics: Use UTM for tracking. Not built-in, but it works.
  7. TGChannels, Telegramic: Get your channel out there. Directory listings help. (TGChannels is usually accessible through Telegram's in-app search)
  8. @ControllerBot: Manages posts and ads. Keeps things orderly. (Usually accessible through Telegram's in-app search)
  9. Ahrefs, SEMrush: Keywords and trends. Get found.
  10. IFTTT: Automate tasks like cross-posting. Makes life easier.
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