MyLead helps you with keeping up with marketing trends for 2022. You'll find all the big and small holidays for this year laid out in one place.

There are several occasions to enjoy and remember, such as St. Patrick's Day and Book Lovers Day. It may be a great reason to deliver new content or special offers to your audience. Internet vitality is less about luck and more about proactive engagement. With our calendar, you can use seasonal trends to organically increase traffic on your websites. So why wait?

Get your planner out, and let’s get started.



Starting a New Year with goals and resolutions can be daunting. So how should you go about implementing a successful digital strategy to make the best out of the next 12 months? If your followers think about losing weight, focus on fitness and nutrition offers, focus on those. Make sure to include Blue Monday (17/01) in your campaign and make your audience feel better.


t's a new month, but it’s not the time to throw your sports gear in the bin just yet. The Winter Olympics (4/02) are approaching, so every streaming and sports service will be a hit. On Valentine's Day (14/02), focus not only on e-commerce offers and presents but also on dating apps — loneliness can be especially hard in February. It’s also the time to prepare for the Super Bowl (12/02) and President's Day (21/02).


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March is promising for many reasons, and there are plenty of ways to enjoy this month. We want to start off celebrating spring by wishing everyone well on International Women's Day (2/03). It’s time to promote gifts for women and all the offers related to Girl Power.



This month's Calendar consists of many celebrations and one or two occasions for reflection. We start with April Fools (1/04) but also celebrate Ramadan (2/04) and Easter (17/04)! Unfortunately, traffic will be slower, but Coachella (15/04) is all the rage! Promote music streaming platforms, fashion, and make-up. Don't forget Earth Day, too! Include some ecological features into your campaigns for this month!


At the beginning of May, the weather changes, and life feels good. In Mexico, people celebrate Cinco de Mayo (5/05), and Star Wars fans have their holiday (4/05). May also happens to be a month in which we wish well to our mothers! Mother's Day (8/05) is just coming up. Reviews of Mother's Day gift offers should do very well this month. Jewelry and accessories should be an easy sell.


This June, use Pride Month as a reason to offer high-performing products. It’s also the first day of summer (21/06), so it’s time to prepare exciting tourist offers. Celebrate Children's Day (1/06) in China by providing your audience with offers of toys and gifts.

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With summer still in full bloom, let's take time to entertain our audience with tourist offers, attractions, and cultural events, especially on US Independence Day (4/07). Be sure to include travel offers in your campaigns since many of your audience members are likely planning their vacation this month.


While education may not be front of mind in one of the dullest months, September is just around the corner. To promote your services, you need to consider preparing an exciting campaign for this busy season. Start gearing up for Book Lover's Day (9/08) by creating a unique offer.


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Autumn is here (22/09)! As the youngest part of our audience returns to school, educational offers have increased in popularity significantly. Traffic for electronics and stationery is also at its peak – make sure you earn as much as possible with a different marketing strategy this time around.



Fall is in full swing. It’s that time of year when haunted houses unveil their spookiest decorations on Halloween (31/10). It's time to promote costumes and makeup and anything to do with spooky things for this holiday! Remember that this month the Chinese people celebrate National Day (1/10). Also, be sure to include books and movies which will help your audience during their long, cold afternoons.


We first celebrate International Men's Day (19/11) and Thanksgiving (24/11) in November, but that’s not it! Offer a special promotion or deal to your audience on Black Friday (25/11) and Cyber Monday (28/11,) because that’s when most of them will be doing their shopping for December’s festivities.


The holidays are here, and there are plenty of interesting gift ideas to promote. People near and far celebrate Christmas (25/12), Hannukah (18/12), and Kwanza (26/11) - not to mention New Year's Eve (31/12). It’s time for summarizing accomplishments, so take a minute or two to remember all your successes this year and share it with your audience.

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Using seasonal trends will not only make your audience happy but could also boost engagement and bring in some serious revenue for an affiliate marketing campaign. Some events - like Emoji Day (19/09) or World Pizza Day (17/01) - are just waiting to be included in some fun, seasonal content!​