The affiliate network of which you are proud to be an employee of, has a certain number of affiliate programs, constantly introduces improvements to its own website, the publisher's panel and even the tools offered, and yet its achievements are not spectacular. Do you know what's causing it? A mistake you probably don't realize.

Each of us makes mistakes. The problem is that as an affiliate network manager, you can't always afford to make them. This article will tell you about one of the most serious ones. No worries. Solutions are coming, too.​

A mistake that costs a lot​

Surely, more than once in your head, there was a thought: "What am I doing wrong?". In a situation where, despite many efforts, the increase in the company's profit is not much noticeable, everyone would ask themselves this or another similar question. After all, the good of the company is in your interest, and when it stands still, you start looking for the cause.

And there can be many reasons. Starting from closing only to advertisers from one industry, through the lack of negotiating rates, ending with errors in communication and lack of agreement on the planned promotional campaigns of given affiliate programs.

However, when none of these aspects apply to your company, you start looking for the problem in yourself.

Calm down. You are not the cause of failure, but you are the right person to remedy it. So what is this error that is holding back the growth of your network? No cooperation with another affiliate network.


Why is cooperation so important?​

You may think that it is impossible for another network to contribute to the benefit of your platform. Let me tell you how it works. Cooperation consisting in connecting with another network brings a lot of good and these are by no means only new affiliate programs, although we will also talk about these.

The most important things? Loyalty and a rich offer can convince publishers to stay with you.​


If your publisher also makes money with another network, they probably need something, and if they need it, you have to give it to them. You don't want to waste the potential of a person who is already generating a profit.​

Increase the possibilities by expanding the offer​

A wider range of programs means more profit. Cooperation with a network that offers several categories of campaigns, firstly, broadens the scope of activities and allows you to reach a larger group of potential publishers, and secondly, it allows you to include programs from a selected thematic area, which probably your network does not offer yet. It's a kind of test. It may turn out that the publisher has a source of traffic that they have not mentioned so far, because they did not have affiliate programs from the selected category at their disposal. Remember that this situation does not preclude advertising the network as specializing in a given area. Your network can be the best in one category and still have others. This solution allows you to easily take advantage of the moment when one of the connected categories starts to generate unexpected increases.

Be open to indirect cooperation​

You may think "Hey, but it's better if I work directly with this advertiser." Yes, that's an excellent idea. However, no one has undertaken to implement it on a large scale in your network so far, probably because such cooperation is not always possible. Some advertisers simply do not want to cooperate with networks with small reach, while others have signed an exclusivity agreement with a competing network. You also can't be sure whether direct contact with the advertiser will bring the expected results. To connect hundreds of new advertisers, your network will need new team members, probably a lot of work and, above all, time, and yet your efforts may be futile, which does not mean, however, that you are in a lost position. Connecting programs from a different network will kill two birds with one stone - providing publishers with more programs, which will bring more profit to the company, while avoiding the problem of exclusivity and potential risk. What's more, the network you work with can negotiate the terms for you. It's the perfect arrangement.

Rates are not everything​

You are only a few steps away from making this right decision, and the only thing that blocks you is the rates offered by the partner network? I'll surprise you, but rates are not the only aspect that publishers pay attention to. Of course, direct cooperation allows you to play on your own terms, but for the publisher, the speed of support, the payout options offered by the network (time and crediting of withdrawals, the availability of various withdrawal methods, the ability to withdraw cash at any time) or the credibility of the brand with which they have started cooperation are often more important for the publisher. So we're back to square one - loyalty is the most significant.

Simplicity pays off​

The last thing you should pay attention to is the relative simplicity of starting cooperation with another network. One contract is enough for your platform to enjoy access to dozens or even hundreds of campaigns. So you don't have to engage more employees, get fragmented in contacts with dozens of advertisers or analyze long and complicated forms. On the other hand, this operating model requires flexibility from you. It will be essential for effective cooperation.

Win-win situation​

Let's put it straight. Connecting the offer of another network is a win-win for everyone:​
  • your platform will acquire more programs without having to meet the advertiser's conversion expectations;​
  • the publisher will get more earning opportunities;​
  • the network that will provide you with programs will acquire another publisher, while not competing with the entity directly connected to the advertiser;​
  • the advertiser will earn more because their product/service will be promoted by more entities;​
  • the customer will potentially find an offer tailored to their individual needs faster.​

Collaboration that is moments away from you​

You already know all the advantages, and you are slowly starting to consider cooperation options. Let me show you how much you can gain by choosing to connect to MyLead. So far, the total profit of affiliate publishers has exceeded 1.4 million dollars. Your network's earnings can become a part of that.


To acquire campaigns, and thus become a publisher and expand the group of earners, create a free account on MyLead and contact Weronika, our Affiliate Project Manager: [email protected].