Do you know all about sweepstakes? Maybe a lack of up-to-date knowledge doesn’t allow you to fully appreciate the vertical's potential... A lot of GEOs, huge traffic volumes, and a wide variety of offers with high payouts make sweepstakes vertical very captivating for both new and experienced affiliate marketers.

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What will our presenters speak about?
Nick Lenihan, Affiliate Marketing Expert & affLIFT forum community leader. (@Nick)
This expert with 8 years of experience will show examples of creatives and landing pages for sweepstakes! Also, he will share some personal tips on creatives and landing pages creation. Nick has created his own affiliate marketing educational course on sweepstakes vertical. Be assured, this guy is a real professional of the sphere.

Anastasia Kazakova, RichAds Performance Manager. (@RichAds)
After you made creatives it’s time to set up an ad campaign. Anastasia will show the main set-up options to make a profit on sweepstakes on push ads. These small details may mean a lot to your profit.

Francisco Guerreiro, Mobidea Affiliate Manager. (@Mobidea)
Francisco will share some thoughts on choosing a good offer. A small spoiler: iPhone sweeps are going out of fashion.

Tips on sweepstakes campaigns from RichAds insiders
  • Use new audiences while launching your sweepstakes push campaign. Enable “New Subscribers Only” targeting to show your ads to those who subscribed to push notifications more recently. The conversion will definitely be better.
  • Make a copy of your campaign not to mix “new” and “old” audiences. Try a “New Subscribers Only” function with one campaign and “Premium” subscribers list with another one.
  • Use pre-landing pages. Direct links don’t work in this case. That’s why it’s important to warm up users before they appear on the page of the offer.
  • At the start, implement as few targeting options as possible. Narrow your audience later, during optimization.
  • Use the Micro bidding feature to change bids for different elements of the campaign. You can set up different bids for some publisher, site, or even creative.

Quick overview from RichAds experts 👇🏼

What are sweepstakes?

Sweepstakes vertical include lotteries and raffles where users can win some prize (for example, an iPhone, gift card, or money).

Types of sweepstakes offers
  • SOI Offers (Single-Opt-In). The user should fill in the form and leave the email.
  • DOI Offers (Double-Opt-In). There are two steps: filling in the form and confirming the data in the email.
  • Mobile Subscription Offers. The main goal is to subscribe a user to mobile subscription service.
  • Credit Card Submit Offers (CC Submit). Except for filling in the form the user should type his credit card data.


(Landing page for SOI offer)

Sweepstakes traffic sources

Facebook traffic. Traffic from this social network is one of the most popular today but bans and strict moderation policy stop many affiliate marketers. For example, CC-Submit offers are forbidden at all that’s why you have to work hard just to launch a campaign.

Pop traffic. It’s a nice alternative to Facebook as the volumes of traffic and low costs never cease to surprise. But be careful: bot traffic is a real problem of pop ads. That’s why we recommend asking for traffic verification while choosing an ad network with pops.

Email traffic. This traffic type works great with sweepstakes vertical but it’s very difficult to find the email database that will convert as databases’ owners try to make the most of them before selling.

Push traffic. It’s a universal traffic type for most of the verticals as there are moderate rules and you can overcome a lot of differences related to using celebrities, brands’ logos, or mislead. Moreover, quite low CPC allows testing and getting the first results without wasting huge budgets.

Creatives for sweepstakes
There are 4 necessary components of any sweepstakes creative: a headline, short description, icon, and image.

Main images
Prizes are the best symbols of sweepstakes that’s why try to use them as often as possible. It can be the newest cell phones, winners of the lotteries, rooms full of prizes. Use happy people with new iPhones, gift cards from famous shops, and packages with logotypes of post offices.

Speaking about mobile devices, icons are the main visual element (as main images are not displayed on the screen of the cell phone). Icons with emojis, gift cards, images of the gifts, delivery services’ logos, happy winners, and “win” or “wow” images will definitely help you to get conversions.


(Examples of sweepstakes creatives)

Selling headlines is a key to success on sweepstakes. Try to create a feeling of intrigue to interest users. You can state that the package has just arrived or the user got an important message or announcement. Offer users to get their prizes after filling in the forms.

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