Arbitrageurs need a large number of accounts to work effectively. Therefore, it is important to choose reliable software that stores browser fingerprints in isolation from each other. An antidetect browser, such as Gologin, helps with this. It also offers advanced functionality for command access.

What is an anti-detect browser?​

Anti-detect browsers give the arbitrator the opportunity to work in different accounts within the same application. At the same time, work on the same site from different profiles does not affect each other, and traffic is quoted as coming from different devices. The technical data of the device from which the activity occurs is also configured:
  • Proxy
  • Time zone
  • WebRTC
  • Geolocation
  • Browser extensions
  • Cookies
Thus, the unique "fingerprint" of the system is erased, allowing you to seamlessly work with different sites from one source.

The anti-detect browser in 2022 is already an indispensable tool in most verticals of making money on the Internet.


What tasks in arbitration does the antidetect browser solve?​

  1. Multi-accounting. Switching between accounts takes place in a few clicks. One browser profile corresponds to one account for work.
  2. Bypass antifraud systems. Antifraud site systems receive certain information about the user: data about the device, operating system, language used, and so on. Through antidetect browsers, you can select the recommended settings or configure them manually. Thus, the antidetect replaces the digital fingerprint of the browser and hides the real data.
  3. Access to the same account by multiple users. When working as a team, it is important to quickly switch between tasks and have access to all accounts. Gologin Antidetect Browser provides such an opportunity. Team members can create, manage, and run profiles in a browser.
  4. Maintaining anonymity. User information is collected by social networks and other advertising platforms. While this improves the accuracy of targeted ads, not everyone likes it. Personal information may be sold or used against the will of the owner. However, data collection can be manipulated. Therefore, users of anti-detect browsers do not have to worry about the security of personal data.
  5. Cheat. Sometimes users simply do not have the motivation to like, repost and leave comments. You can wind up positive reviews and create activity around the community using multiple accounts. If your competitors have tried to damage your reputation, you can restore it by creating a favorable impression of yourself.
  6. Referral farms. Creating and manipulating fake profiles is a common way to make money. Three main types of tasks: subscription to the newsletter, like and registration on the platform. Platforms use anti-fraud methods to prevent multiple accounts. But you can always bypass them with the Gologin browser.
There are a large number of anti-detect browsers for arbitrating traffic. To evaluate their functionality, you can use the free trial period. So the GoLogin browser offers two weeks of free use with the promo code ANTIKGOLOGIN14. The promo code is activated after downloading the software.

How to choose the right antidetect browser 👇

Choose an antidetect based on your tasks. For some, the basic settings are enough, available at a minimum price of $24/mo. Large teams that work on volume need additional features. To choose the right tariff, consider your current needs. Gologin offers competitive rates for both solo arbitrageurs and teams.