Today, everyone knows about TikTok, who has an access to Internet. The social network has become one of the most popular platforms. And if earlier it was the choice of teenagers, now TikTok is watched by moms, dads and not only. Accordind of Sensor Tower Store Intelligence, to the 2020, the social media app has been downloaded over 2 billion times!

New features and opportunities are regularly added to the application: video filters, licensed music, etc. Along with the content tools, also the advertising toolset is expanding: now it is possible to promote a specific video, not a channel or site.

As a result, you can get a lot of traffic from TikTok. The social network has long turned from a “Dark horse” into a source of profit for whole buying teams. So, what verticals can you work with on TikTok and what is needed for it.

What can you pour from Tik Tok?

What verticals do affiliates work with in Tik Tok? Let's take it in order.

Gambling. The ideas for creatives are no different from what works on Facebook. The expensive cars, luxury, the opportunity to get a lot of money quickly and, of course, emotions - all this works not only on familiar banners, but also in video.

Betting. For creatives, you can use not only the image of a posh life, earning schemes, but also discussions of future matches, betting strategies, etc. TikTok sports predictions.

Dating. Perfect for leaking through TikTok. You can redouble traffic to dating services or applications. For creatives, we use attractive girls and offers to meet. Please note that mainstream dating can give more profit than adult dating.

Product. TikTok is great for promoting beauty products, clothing, and more. For promotion, you can buy advertising from bloggers or use your own pumped accounts.

Nutra. Weight loss and other offers can be promoted using Before and After Creo. Please note that creams for joints or rheumatism will most likely not pass moderation. Nutra + TikTok

Adult. You can work with adult through TikTok. In this case, it will be profitably to drive traffic to other resources (for example, a channel in Telegram) and “squeeze on” it there.

In fact, you can choose almost any vertical to work with TikTok. The main thing at the same time is to prepare good creatives and promoted accounts for work.

Create a quality account.

You can create a suitable TikTok Ads account by yourself. Buying accounts is a good option for work, but their quality sometimes leaves much to be desired. Also, for the purchase, you need a budget, but it is not always available.

The procedure for creating TikTok Ads account:

Buy and install the Gologin anti-detect browser

(It's the most important).

14-day free trial when you use the code ANTIKGOLOGIN14 instead of the normal 7. Enter the code after downloading the browser


Register (or buy) mail on .com domains (google, yahoo, etc.).

We connect a proxy (the best option is from IP providers of cable Internet or home Wi-Fi). We bind it to the browser and go through the sites, typing cookies. The more we get, the better it will be. Cookies are a must.

Register an account on We fill in the account and verify the desired email using the verification code.

You enter real data and GEO into the account. To do this, on Google Maps, you can select any real store, a small cafe (or something else) and copy its contacts to your profile. Carefully choose the country in which you will look for your “business”, because this will help you avoid paying VAT.

We're going through moderation. It usually takes a few minutes, but it can take a couple of hours. As soon as the inscription “Good to go!” appears on your profile in the Account Status line, it means that the moderation was successfully completed.

IMPORTANT: first of all, launch an advertising company and load creative. Link a bank card only after passing moderation - and nothing else.

You pour on Adult and take away to telegram.

Promotion in Tik Tok

For successful work, you need accounts and you need to promote them. You can do this for free (and for a long time) or for money (and quickly). Of course, if you use cheat services, you can get problems.

Free Tik Tok promotion

Everything is simple here. You register an account, create content and upload videos. The advantageous difference of TikTok is that you can get into trends literally from the start. If the content is interesting and viral, then you will get a lot of views and subscribers in a few days.

You need to constantly subscribe to other tiktokers, comment and like. But do not forget about the limits - you can not put more than 500 likes and make out more than 200 subscriptions per day. Of course, at the same time, you need to carefully distribute activity over time in order to avoid possible account restrictions.

Shadowban on Tik Tok

There are several things that you can get a shadowban. In this case, your videos will be excluded from recommendations and shown less frequently. This means fewer people will see your ad.

What can you get a shadowban for?

Your age. You can not use videos with children under 16 years old (age is determined based on video analysis, profile information and content viewed).

Previous violations. If your previous videos were blocked before, then there is always a chance to get a shadowban (you can check by the presence of a recommendation line in the view sources).

Content issues. If the videos are uninteresting, or the content does not have a common theme, then TikTok algorithms can impose a shadowban (because they cannot adequately determine who to show your video to).

How to get out of the shadowban?

No way.

If the number of views has decreased, the line of recommendations in the list of sources has disappeared, then deleting bad content will no longer help. You need to delete your account and create a new one. It is important to create it from a clean IP. Therefore, you can use the freelance exchange: for a conditional 100–200 rubles, you will receive an account registered on a smartphone where the TikTok application has not yet been installed.

However, if you google, you can find a lot of manuals on how to unban any account. How effective they are, one can only guess (using one of them, we stumbled upon an online casino!)

Create creatives in Tik Tok.

TikTok regularly adds new features and tools that help make creatives more interesting and attractive. You can use filters, masks, augmented reality and many licensed music tracks.

The main condition for the effectiveness of advertising company in TikTok is creativity. You need to follow the trends and be as unusual as possible. Of course, there are several classic approaches: gambling - luxury and expensive purchases, as well as emotions and slots, sports betting - a demonstration of money and a successful life, dating - girls and calls, etc.

Follow popular channels (if you upload via self-registration), use trends in music and content.

And of course, be sure to follow the TikTok rules. Otherwise, the account will be quickly banned.

What partners to pour?

The time when only some affiliates accepted traffic from TikTok is over. Now it is accepted on a par with Instagram. In fact, these are two very similar social networks: one uses videos, and the other uses photos.

Today, you can drive to TikTok on white, grey, and even black offers. Marketplace affiliate programs (AliExpress, etc.) can, for example, be seen on the e-Commerce Partners Network. And everyone can find nutra, online casinos and other equally profitable offers on their own.

Approaches, of course, differ, but affiliate programs and networks are ready to accept this traffic. All that will be needed is to choose an offer, determine the approach and make a unique creative, because it is creativity that is most encouraged by the TikTok algorithms.


You can and should make money on TikTok. You can enter in the search "casino, adult, nutra, bets" - and you will see that arbitrageurs pour on a variety of offers. Learn approaches, create a unique creative and test. It is easy to find many cases of successful draining on the net.

There is a lot of traffic on TikTok: you just need to figure out how to approach it and get started!

Use high-quality software so that accounts are not banned, gologin anti-detection will help for this (14-day free trial when you use the code ANTIKGOLOGIN14 instead of the normal 7. Enter the code after downloading the browser) and proxy.