Let me tell you a bit about Landingi and our landing page drag and drop editor. This powerful tool will help you create landing pages quickly, even if you’re not a professional designer or programmer.


Landing pages are a crucial part of every successful marketing campaign. These simple pages are focused on one goal. You can use them to gather leads, share content, sell products and, generally speaking, promote any business online.

Landingi Landing Page Templates​

The great thing about Landingi is that there are over 300 landing page and pop up templates (each of them comes with a mobile view as well) that allow you to prepare a good-looking page in less than an hour. Depending on your skills and needs, you can either simply replace the default text on the template with your own and publish the page, or add unique graphics, fonts, videos and widgets (including dynamic content that will help you personalize the landing pages and make them look more attractive to your visitors).


You can also enhance the landing pages by adding custom HTML and widgets. However, if you prefer, you can also design a landing page from scratch starting with a blank template.

Page history and autosave will ensure your hard work is not lost, while smart sections will help you work faster and in a more efficient way. And, apart from landing pages, you can also create pop ups and lightboxes that you can embed not only on the landing pages but on your website as well to grab your visitors’ attention and gather more leads.


What about the publication options? When the landing page is ready, it’s published on Landingi’s test domain. However, depending on your needs, you can also publish landing pages under your own domain or on your webpage powered by WordPress. There are official plug-ins and instructions for you to follow in Landingi’s Help Center so you won’t get lost along the way.

Landingi is called a “landing page platform” for a reason. If you’re an experienced marketer, you know better than anyone that landing page publication is just the beginning. To expand Landingi’s capabilities and automate your work, integrate the platform with the tools you already use – there are email, CRM, analytics and callback integrations available.


Landing Page Analytics​

Landingi’s Analytics Dashboard will assist you in gathering basic data on how well your pages are performing, but you can also add tracking pixels to your landing pages to dig deeper into your campaign results. Run A/B tests to get even more insights on how well your landing page is doing (and, consequently, work towards higher conversions).


Finally, if you’re planning to expand and scale your marketing actions, you can go for more advanced options or even purchase additional services (copywriting, landing page design, advertising or landing page import).

Campaign scheduler, funnel creator and subaccounts will allow you to turn Landingi into a powerful platform for you and your marketing team or agency. Take your marketing activities to the next level by creating additional accounts for your customers – unbranded platform functionality will allow you to create a customizable login page for your clients. And, on higher plans, there is priority support available for you.

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