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Monitoring the growth trend of the e-gaming industry, we want to focus enough attention on this topic to share with you a very valuable and useful material. A new series of articles is dedicated to the "X Games vertical". Here we will consider everything from "A" to "Z". Also, we will introduce you to the latest information and provide the sweetest, and most importantly - unique PPL offers from iMonetizeIt in this vertical!

With more and more fans, gaming franchises are not only starting to appeal to younger users but are slowly targeting the older market to promote and sell their products. Thus, the gaming power has rolled over to the X GAMES vertical as well because demand creates supply.
The first appearance of xGames was in Japan in the late 1990′s. "Eroge" (computer x games stylized as anime-drawing) has been a huge success and is now gaining popularity worldwide. Now, games have firmly taken one of the leading places in terms of budgets, as the growth of this vertical has been observed over the past 5 years.

What is XGAMES?

X GAMES is a unique vertical from iMonetizeIt. Usually, here you can find offers in the form of an interactive computer game for grown-ups, where the user, as the player, goes through various levels to discover images of naked girls, perform various actions and take part in virtual relationships.

There are a huge number of themes in such games, from the best-selling "The Witcher" to a parody of Mortal Kombat. Almost anything is available.

Many characters in games are made hot from the beginning to build their fanbase. That's why we've compiled a search for the most searched characters from the video games industry for 2021 according to many video tubes (this information might be useful for our future creatives):


What is the reason for the popularity and growth of the "X GAMES" vertical?​

It's really simple:

1. The most popular GEOs

Tier 1 English-speaking countries: USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada. The average CR from registration to sale is 3.5-5.5%.

2. Monetization

iMonetizeIt team provides an effective PPL offer in this niche by SOI system with 3 payment systems: for the full package, for $1 from the card and for the card without charging money.

You've already asked the questions: "what is this triple-payment thing?" It's pretty easy here, too:
  1. Full package: when a user makes a full sale, the payout goes up to $120;
  2. $1 on balance: when the user has only $1 on his card, the payout reaches $15;
  3. For the card without charging $ (meaning = 0): if the user tries to make a sale with a card with a zero (0) balance, the payout is up to $2.

3. Audience.

The audience for this niche is users who love through the eyes. Therefore, we have a huge range to propose, because we can identify the source of traffic that will work best - various tubes, prerolls, teasers, banners, SEO, etc. In order to effectively promote games we will need to choose a certain segment and clearly understand its interests.

4. Uniqueness

The advantage of this offer is the unique lands with the world-famous bestsellers "Witcher", "Resident Evil" and others. This offer is exclusive from iMonetizeIt, as:
a) you won't find this offer anywhere else;
b) all the offers are just our lands, which were designed and drawn up by our designers.

In a summary - X Games is vertical, which is definitely worth paying attention to and spending time testing. Tier 1 Geo, high conversion rate, unlimited promo possibilities - there's a lot to work with here. All this brings stable good profits and big budgets to publishers.

iMonetizeIt team strongly recommends you to check out these offers and their lands. If you have any questions, you can easily ask your managers.

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We hope that this information will be useful for you and you will introduce all your "crazy" (in a good sense) ideas together with iMonetizeIt.

In the near future, we will prepare a case study for you, where you can see how, where and what you can introduce. We'll show you the creatives and show you an example of a bundle with the adoption of the above-mentioned vertical as X Games.

Our team wishes you a quick implementation, high ROI and balance in everything! Good luck and stay tuned!

Your iMonetizeIt team.
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