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Looking for a comprehensive affiliate network that offers a wide variety of offers and advanced features? Look no further than iMonetizeIt CPA network.

With thousands of offers across multiple verticals, including Dating, Mainstream, Mobile, and Niche Dating, iMonetizeIt provides ample opportunities for affiliates to monetize their traffic. Their Smartlink feature takes optimization to the next level, analyzing traffic and redirecting it to the best-matching offer.

Flexible payout options and a global reach make iMonetizeIt a top choice for affiliate marketers. Read our full review to learn more!


iMonetizeIt Affiliate Network Features​

Thousands of Offers
iMonetizeit's CPA and Smartlink offers add up to 6,000 offers. These fall under the following categories:

▶️ Dating - this vertical accepts both mobile and desktop traffic. For mobile traffic, the majority of the offers are single opt-in. On the other hand, the offers for desktop traffic are split evenly between single opt-in and double opt-in.

There are several subcategories under the Dating vertical, and these are:
  • Jumps - this is the usual dating vertical with a landing page and offers page.
  • Mainstream Jumps - this is the mainstream/dating mix, wherein the pre lander is safe for mainstream traffic. This is good for traffic sources that don't accept adult.
  • For Insta / For FB / For Push - these dating offers are mainstream only and have funnels crafted to convert based on your traffic type of choice.
▶️ Mainstream - this includes sweepstakes offers. It accepts mainstream traffic and covers all countries.

▶️ Mainstream Dating - this one covers all dating offers that are non-adult. Offers are split between single opt-in and double opt-in, and accept only non-adult traffic.

▶️ Mobile (Content) - this includes offers that are 1-click-flow (for carrier traffic), 2-click-flow (for WiFi traffic), or Pin Submits (also for WiFi Traffic).

▶️ Niche Dating - this is a vertical focused solely on this niche. Keep in mind that iMonetizeit does not accept traffic coming from

Affiliates are paid when a user subscribes, signs up for a trial, or makes a purchase.

iMonetizeIt Smartlink​

Affiliates have the option to utilize iMonetizeit's SmartLink feature. But what is Smartlink? It's simple; instead of choosing offers and trying them out individually to find which one works best for your paid or remnant traffic, you can depend on iMonetizeit's smart algorithm to analyze your traffic and send it to the offer that best matches it.

During your creation of a Smartlink, there are several advanced features that you can utilize, and these are:
  • Back Button Redirect - this means the user will be redirected to an offer even when he clicks on the Back button.
  • Enter Pop-up - before the user sees the landing page, a pop-up banner that will further boost engagement will show up.
  • Exit Pop-up - this appears when the user attempts to either close the browser or switch to a different tab. It does not prevent the user from leaving, but rather encourages him to stay and participate in the offer.
  • Enable Push - this encourages the user to accept further notifications by clicking on either Allow or Block. The affiliate earns for every push notification subscription, on top of the offer conversions.
  • Extra Offer - this script causes two offers to open up instead of just one. The two offers appear right after the user passes through the prelander.
  • Direct traffic - if you are confident in using your own prelander, you can use this setting to turn off prelanders created by iMonetizeit.
These settings can be enabled upon Smartlink creation, but cannot be adjusted once the setup process is done.

Loyalty Program​

The more you send traffic that leads to conversions in iMonetizeit, the more the network appreciates your efforts. And they show this appreciation by giving out gifts. The presents each affiliate receives depends on his accumulated points. The higher the points you have, the better the gifts you can claim.

In order to be part of the loyalty program, an iMonetizeit affiliate needs to sign up for the program first (enrollment is not automatic). Once enrolled, the affiliate can then start accumulating points. One point is given for every $25 earned in the network. These points don't expire and are displayed inside the affiliate dashboard.

Free Tracker​

iMonetizeit has partnered with AdsBridge tracker so that their affiliates will have complete access to the tracker at no charge. However, only iMonetizeit offers and Smartlinks can be promoted when using AdsBridge. If the affiliate intends to use the tracker for offers from other CPA Networks, he will be asked to pay for additional packages.

All Countries Accepted
iMonetizeIt accepts traffic from anywhere in the world. Sometimes, the dashboard will not display your country of choice, but rest assured that it is just because there is not enough data on that country (and not because they don't have any offers for it).

iMonetizeit Payout Options

They offer multiple payout for options for users who have reached the minimum payout. The threshold depends on the payout option of your choice, which is as follows:
  • $80 minimum for Paxum, WebMoney, Capitalist
  • $100 minimum for BTC
  • $1,000 minimum for bank transfer
iMonetizeit pays on Net-15 and Net-30 schedule by default. However, once you have received two payments using the default schedule, you can request to be moved to the Net-7 payout schedule for you to receive payments quicker.

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  • vinceX
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I haven't led that much but I do believe it's online service is good also the adult offer smart links are perfomancing well, always good!

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