Hey guys! This is iMonetizeIt. We’d like to show you great example of case study on Sweepstakes smartlink, which one of our publishers shared with us. Hope it will help you to get profit. Sweepstakes is still some money to be made if you know what to do and where to look.

Network: iMonetizeIt
Smartlink: Sweepstakes
Period run: 17.02.2020-09.03.2020
GEO: Spain, France, UK, Canada
Traffic: Instagram
Profit: $23,456


(more screenshots below)

I’ve been working with dating from Instagram for a long time, but then I had some difficulties with dating traffic and start searching for other vertical to work with.
I’ve been working with iMonetizeIt several years with dating smartlink. However, I had to find new ways to gain profit. My manager Julia advised me to test Sweepstakes and it worth it.

Why did I choose smartlink? Firstly, I like it’s options, which has hundreds of sweepstakes offers with various payment models (SOI, DOI, CC submit) and wide range of GEOs. Secondly is that I didn’t use tracker and waste time for optimization of campaigns.

Campaign settings
Geo: Spain, France, UK, Canada
I pick only top segment of tier 1 countries, gathered database and worked with each country separately. The most attractive is US and european traffic with huge amount of offers and high payouts.
People have high spending capacity and widely used online services for payment in these countries.
They easily register and submit credit cards - everyone wants to get expensive smartphone for couple of bucks.

Settings on geo France 🇫🇷
I requested my manager to leave only CC offers on France. CC Submit is more profitable than SOI, as approve of credit card is required. Usually registration costs $1-2, after that automatic subscriptions will regularly charge money. In such way I increased my CR.

TA Choice and segmentation
Sweepstakes are equally interesting for male and female audience, so I didn’t do that kind of segmentation. I just pick age from 18 up to 30, as this age group the most active in sweeps.

Traffic source
I run traffic from Instagram using cloak. I cannot share details, but can open one secret - it was spam))

Prelanders (you can use a landing page builder) and buffers are must have in Sweepstakes offers!

You have to prevail your audience to tempt fortune and get the prize. Traffic was forwarded on LP with questionnaire and only then I’ve forwarded them to smartlink.
LP for sweepstakes has unlimited variants. I based on questionnaire, here I’ll show couple of examples - “What smartphone do you use?”, “Dream about the latest Samsung?” etc. Don’t forget about quality translation for each geo, you can find phrases in google or use translator.

Results of 3-weeks campaigns:
France - 225 conversions, $0.15 per click
Spain - 1245 conversions, $0.25 per click

France brought me the highest profit in comparison with Canada on which I also run traffic at the same time but without manual set up of funnels.
I was surprised of such results, it worked no worse than leading Dating smartlink of iMonetizeIt.
This case showed that with right strategy you can earn on any vertical. Everything depend on opportunities, fantasy and desire to grow income.

Thank you for your attention! Wish you all luck and conversions!

Campaign Screenshots from iMonetizeIt:



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