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Where And How To Find A Wealthy Audience If You Run Ads Using An Advertising Network



Jun 7, 2022
In the past, affiliate marketers who ran ads from ad networks had to innovate and devise new strategies to encourage users to place orders or make payments. This was mainly because a significant portion of the audience subscribed to push notifications had already become disinterested or fatigued. Additionally, around 90% of users possessed Android-based devices, which typically consisted of budget-friendly options. Moreover, the iOS audience didn't receive promotional notifications at all due to Apple's privacy restrictions. It is noteworthy that users who prefer Apple devices tend to have higher purchasing power compared to others.

When examining the data from the study conducted by Statista, it becomes apparent that the Tier-1 segment comprises countries that traditionally hold leading positions in terms of the number of iOS users.


It happened that the technical solution for receiving iOS traffic from ad networks was invented after Google introduced restrictions on the use of cookies. This advertising format came to be known as InPage push or IPP.

How InPage push bypasses Apple and Google restrictions, boosting ad conversions​

InPage push has the ability to reach users not only on iOS but also on other devices, primarily because
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