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What Google considers "Grey Advertising" and how to run White Hat.



Apr 30, 2024

Webmasters who have tried at least a few times to run ads on Google Ads have learned firsthand how stringent moderation of ad campaigns can be on this source. Moreover, a large part of the ads is not reviewed by human moderators but by bots trained using artificial intelligence. Google regards even the most harmless white hat advertisers with a paranoid suspicion.
In this article, we delve into what advertising is considered grey by Google's standards, leading to account restrictions or bans, and how to make white hat traffic.

Google Ads' Requirements for Advertisers and Advertising that Even White Businesses Suffer From

Beyond Google's renowned scrutiny of account trustworthiness, payment instruments, and other expendables, the platform also checks all account data for affiliations with grey niches and affiliate marketing. Unofficially, Google considers the use of affiliates for promoting a single offer or service as an unfair competition, but this information is rather dryly described in the platform's rules. The violation of these rules can result in even the most transparent and white businesses being sanctioned.

Several policies under Google Ads prohibit promoting pages that lack necessary information about the
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