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We're Out Of Our Way: Verticals That Can't Work With Push Traffic



Jun 7, 2022
Many people hold the belief that push notifications are ineffective and a waste of time and money, as they assume users don't pay attention to them for extended periods. However, based on our expertise in affiliate marketing, we have found that the effectiveness of push notifications, just like any other marketing channel, largely relies on the experience and careful selection of reliable advertising networks.

Verticals in which push notifications perform well​


Effective affiliate marketing relies on various strategies to drive traffic and generate high returns on investment (ROI). One powerful method is push traffic, which can yield significant results, particularly in specific niches such as mobile subscriptions, dating, adult content, antivirus software and VPN, nutra (health and wellness), gambling/betting, and sweepstakes. To achieve success, it is crucial to employ well-designed ad creatives and landing pages, while also optimizing the advertising campaign in a timely manner.

Push notifications attract diverse audiences, so it's important to consider the platforms connected to the advertising network. For beginners, campaigns with smart links can be ideal as they simplify the process. However, if you lack experience or time to fully grasp the intricacies of this traffic source, it
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