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Voluum rant



Super Contributor
Oct 5, 2019
I have to let this one out afflifters because it is p*ssing me off!

Voluum charge a massive premium for their tracker. They also charge on top of that for their 'automizer'. What they dont tell you is that even if you dont use the automizer, when you connect a traffic source they start to charge you.

What really is irking me is not that. Its when they claim to have a full integration. Take TikTok as an example or Facebook. THeir integration will ONLY work if you have 1 campaign, 1 adset and 1 ad. Otherwise the cost is disctributed to adset and ad based on the number of visits that they have had. This means that the data you have is not accurate and makes it pointelss to have the tracker in the first place.

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