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Feb 26, 2019

Hey Guys, so it's finally here - Voluum's official thread on affLIFT.

Voluum in numbers
  • $2,5 billion ads revenue tracked annually
  • 25 billion events tracked per month
  • 230k campaigns running each month
  • 5,000 customers all around the world
  • #1 tracker for big affiliates
  • 100% server uptime since 2015
So what makes Voluum awesome?
  • Our technology and reporting. We focused on developing our proprietary technology that meets the needs of the most demanding and impatient affiliates instead of using some outdated database technology our competition used. We've created our own NoSQL solution: VoluumDB. The result? Lightning fast reports, even if your click figures are in the billions.
  • Server infrastructure. Instead of being hosted on one server, we have 7 datacenters with over 200 servers total spread across 5 continents. This means two things, firstly there is zero down time. Secondly, we have one of the fastest redirects and lowest click loss among trackers out there, your visitors are always routed via the nearest datacenter. This can literally earn you even up to 3% extra revenue which would otherwise be lost along the way.
  • Our mobile apps. We're the only tracking solution with
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