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Guide VirusTotal Flag Removal - Contact Info



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May 7, 2018
Do you run campaigns on an ultra-premium domain name that you paid thousands of dollars for? Or, do you just simply want to get your domain unflagged from some vendors on VirusTotal?

In a previous thread, I showed you how to get unflagged from Google (one of the worst flags to have), and today I'm going to share with you the contact information of most of the vendors you'll find on VirusTotal so you can contact them and attempt to get your domain unflagged by them for being a "false positive." I say "attempt" because some of them may actually be flagged falsely (low chance, but it's worth trying 😅), and some of them are just simply "malicious," and they probably won't tell you why to protect their product.

In most cases, you're probably better off just swapping domains, but if you want to attempt to salvage the domain, you can contact the vendors with the emails or contact forms below:

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