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Guide How to Get Google to Unflag Your Domain


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May 7, 2018
Have you ever been running campaigns, your ROI, profits, etc., are great, and then boom 💥… out of nowhere, everything takes a big 💩?

Your CTR, CVR, and profits are (nearly) gone from one day to the next.

If this happens to you, what should you do?

You could start by visiting your domain and see if you see something like this:


But that may not even appear when you view your landing page domain…

So, you’re probably better off checking with VirusTotal, or Google’s Transparency Report checker tool.

⚠️ Side note: VirusTotal may show you some red (i.e., some random company few have heard about have “flagged” you), but don’t be too concerned about all of the vendors there. Some of them are just “extra” and will list you for basically no reason and never delist you again. You can run campaigns with flags as you see below - I do. 🤠


Anyways, back to Google’s Transparency Report. Pop your main URL into their tool and see what comes up.

Hopefully, you’ll see this:


But likely you’ll see one of these:


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