Video or Written Guides?

What type of guides do you want me to create?

  • Video

  • Written

Results are only viewable after voting.


New member
I prefer videos which I can review back and forth many times. I am in the learning process and I still do not how afflift works


New member
I think newbies tend to like videos more, from various reasons. However there are many things which are better be written.

So I vote for both, and happy for any. ;)


New member
I don't think both is an option as that would be extra time-consuming. Video allows me to see how everything is being done. I can also pause the video while I copy the steps. A video I believe is the greatest visual and hands-on experience.


I definitely agree that videos are much more clear and better for understanding

We test the water with the written guides for users, but figured out that customers are waiting more videos from us.