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Guide Tracking Additional Monetization Scripts (Back Button, Timed Redirect, etc.)



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May 7, 2018
If you’re using landing pages in your campaigns (if you're still not a believer then maybe you should read this), you can have additional opportunities to squeeze extra revenue out of your campaigns.

For example, if someone isn’t interested in your offer/landing page, they might click the back button and go back to where they came from. Why not attempt to monetize this user by using a back button hi-jacking script? You can send them to another offer/lander and have a second chance at getting them to convert on something else they could be interested in.

There was a discussion the other day here on the forum about how to handle the redirect links you use in scripts such as the back button script. Should you just use a multi-offer click URL, or, should you use a new campaign URL?

Either method would be acceptable and track correctly, but my personal preference is to use a new campaign URL.

If you use the multi-offer click URLs then your landing page CTR is going to be affected by both the back button clicks and the clicks on the main CTA button. It’s quite likely
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