Guide Trackers With Best Multi-Offer Click URL Support



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May 7, 2018
A majority of affiliates running paid traffic campaigns with landing pages build their landers to lead to a conversion on a single offer. It makes everything simple and “easy”.

However, many funnels have been around for years and can easily be adapted to run multiple offers on the same landing page. For example, on a sweepstakes landing page, when you get to the end of the game/quiz/etc., there are typically 1 of 3 offers available, and the other 2 are “sold out” or “claimed.”

Why not have 3 different prizes the user can choose from? Maybe they don’t want an iPhone but instead want a Samsung phone.


That’s just one example. There are other times when you might utilize your tracker’s multi-click URL to push multiple offers on the same landing page as well.

Sure, you mainly want conversions on the primary offer your landing page was built for (and that’s highly likely what will happen), but an alternative option presented may be more intriguing to a visitor and lead to a conversion you otherwise wouldn’t have gotten without presenting it.

For a long time, dealing with the multi-click URLs on your landing page was
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