The problem about use AWS s3 to builing a landingpage, who can explain it?


New member
Hello I set up everything on the AWS s3 when I open the website url without "index.html" addedwill show the Error below (like this: https://www.*****.com/lp1/ ) [COLOR=rgb(209 72 65)]<Error><Code>NoSuchKey</Code><Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message><Key>lp1/</Key><RequestId>D8ACB148FDC35E81</RequestId><HostId>baPTGrwqhdNjvo8OQPvVpoH9N4ZNEEzQy8RzH03Jb93rHZxZUvpBZQNsoav5SDBl0ENHgs2saDg=</HostId></Error> [/COLOR] But when i open the site url with "index.html"It was ok. (like this: https://www.*****.com/lp1/index.html )
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