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Taboola native to search arbitrage and The Optimizer tool questions



Grand Guru
Oct 25, 2018


I hope you're all doing well.

Last days I'm doing native to search traffic arbitrage. My main source is Taboola and for the optimization purposes I'm using The Optimizer, which is a great tool.

Have some questions regarding how to create White Lists with the Optimizer and how to scale the “green” widgets:

1. how to isolate only winning widgets / placements? (creating white lists). I tried creating “virtual whitelists” as described here:
, but it didn't work very well.

2. most of the positive ROI widgets have only one conversion, but not getting more clicks – what rule should we create to start getting more clicks?

3. How do you increase the bid for profitable widgets with more than one conversion and enough spend (more than $5 for example)? According to my observations, the Taboola algorithm is very sensitive, and even a small increase in the bid often leads to a negative ROI.

4. I have campaigns where only a few widgets get about 90% of the clicks, but are about 0 ROI or slightly negative ROI – one day the ROI is positive, the next day negative. The question is, how do I make the
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