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STEP 5 - Add PopAds as Traffic Source to Skro Tracker



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May 2, 2018
Now that you have a fresh Skro account, you’ll need to add your first traffic source to your Skro tracker. When creating a new campaign in your tracker you’ll need to select which traffic source you’ll use, so we need to add a traffic source first.

Click on Traffic Sources e14.png (this link will take you right there) icon in the left menu:


And then click on + Create button:


Search for PopAds and click on the PopAds icon:


In the new window, select Master under Workspace, put MYID instead of REPLACE in Traffic Source Postback URL* and click on the Save & Close button.


We’ll come back later to update this MYID value, but for now - that’s it! You have successfully added PopAds as a traffic source to your Skro tracker.

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