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STEP 10 - Buying Traffic on PopAds



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May 2, 2018
It’s time to launch your first campaign on PopAds e14.png!

Under the Advertiser’s Panel in the left menu, select New Campaign.


You will create a new campaign with the following settings:
  • Total budget will be set at $5 (this is a initial testing phase)
  • All countries will be selected (worldwide targeting)
  • Only Android OS will be selected
  • Only Chrome browser will be used
  • Only Smartphone as device will be selected
  • You will target only Cellular/Carrier traffic (so, no WIFI traffic in this campaign)
Why these targeting options?

If you are wondering why you’ll go with these settings for your first campaign, here are a few tips:
  • Your budget will be split in 2 parts - $5 for each phase. First phase is the initial testing phase, when you’ll want to collect some data. Once you collect some data, you will make some optimisations to your campaign and run it for the second time with remaining $5.
  • Since the performance of the smartlink you are promoting changes from day to day, you will need to include all countries in the initial phase. Once you collect some data, you’ll probably want to remove some countries from your
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