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Guide Simple Script to Dynamically Insert Your Tracking Domain into Every Landing Page

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Oct 15, 2019
I recently replied to a quick question in another thread about how to dynamically insert a tracking domain name into a landing page.

In that case, the reason for the question was because the tracking domain had been flagged, which meant moving to a new domain... which meant changing the domain name in the code of every landing page!

Which is a painful experience you're gonna wanna avoid, right BOB?!
I had to to this manually the last time my domain got flagged, ugh the pain, never again...


But it doesn't have to be painful - or even something you have to lift a finger to fix - if you follow the simple steps in this guide.

(Note: if your domain get's flagged, then follow this guide to try to get it unflagged first! Otherwise, try this!!)

Of course, the forum's resident bigbrain coding guru @Nick curates a Mega Thread of LP scripts (that you need to bookmark if you haven't already):

He's also shared a few examples of how to dynamically insert URL parameters into your LP for a variety of purposes (here, here,
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