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Case Study Profitable Bundle: 65,47% ROI on Cryptomania Offer with Galaksion Popunder



Jan 28, 2021

Do you think popunders are cheap and ineffective in 2024? Cryptomania offer from Zeydoo and Galaksion traffic prove the opposite, with $2 957 in revenue.

Follow this article to take the ready-to-use instruction: a case study to start earning right now and bonuses from Zeydoo and Galaksion at the end.

Offer: 11570 | Crypto Simulator Android
Dates of the campaign: 13/11/2023 – 12/12/2023
Traffic Source: Galaksion
Ad Formats: Popunder; СPM
OS: Android, 5 and higher
Spend: $1787
Revenue: $2957
Profit: $1170
ROI: 65,47%

In this case study, a Zeydoo media buyer will share the figures, campaign settings, and testing stats. Spoiler: it converts like crazy!


“Our media buyer worked with a free trading simulator — Cryptomania offer, but there’s one more Cryptomania offer on the Zeydoo platform. Let’s compare them and see what’s the difference.

So, our media buyer worked with an offer (11570) that pays out when a user installs and opens the app. While the second one (13649) pays out either for installs or for push subscriptions (CPI and Push Subscription correspondingly).

The main advantage of the offer 13649: though the offer 11570 has higher rates, 13649 has a higher CR
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